Saturday, June 25, 2011

Congrats New York!

So i hear that New York has passed the bill to allow gay marriage. So now some states are finally pulling their heads out of their asses to realize that maybe it's stime we stop listening to bigotry and bullshit lies. Homosexuality has no ill effect on heterosexual marriages, it has no ill effect on your community none whatsoever, and it doesn't cause anything to happen. This is no different than saying that Interracial marriage would damage marriages or whatever. It's time we stop believing in the lies. Soon, i hope the rest of the states will stop sticking their head up their ass and start learning the fact: Homosexuals are human beings well deserving of equal rights as everybody else!

Friday, February 18, 2011

nice guy myths.

First off, I would like to remind everybody that we encourage people to be nice to one another. Even parents ask little kids to be nice as well (Unless they don’t, they shouldn’t be parents), I don’t even recall anywhere where it said we need to be an asshole to others. It’s really strange that women likes “bad boys.” Considering that “bad boys” tend to mistreat others, act like snobbish pricks, cheat on their girl, get into fights, disobey rules or laws. If that’s how women that likes their men, they have gone insane. As for the nice guys, they get turned down, looked down on, walked on, and even judged. Ironic isn’t it, how in this society we encourage to be good to others. I want to destroy the bullshit stereotypes against “Nice guys.” And hopefully people will wake up and realize the truth.

Myth #1 Nice guys are weak

No, nice people are not weak, especially nice men. What is so weak about a nice police officer who protects a school bus full of children from a psychopathic bad guy? What is so weak about doctors who saves lives? What is so weak about Firemen who bravely enters a burning building saving lives? What is so weak about a guy who buys his date dinner? Being nice makes you strong.

Myth #2 Nice guys are clingy in their relationship

No, nice guys are just being nice. Abusive boyfriends tend to be clingy and especially when they threat suicide or murder if get broken up in a relationship. If a guy does get clingy, they’re just clingy and it has nothing to do with whether or not they’re nice guys either.

Myth #3 Girls wants guys who are adventurous, wild, and a thrill seeker.

Nice guys can be that too. If you’re talking about law breaking, you seriously need professional help. Being nice doesn’t mean we can’t be adventurous or a bit wild.

Myth #4 “Nice guys are like little puppies, they can be too flattering or too nice.”

True guys can be a bit overbearing with romance, but it’s not just the nice guys who does that. It can be creeps and assholes too. And by creeps I’m talking about guys who talks really, really filthy to every girl he sees thinking women likes that. There is no such thing as being too nice. There is nothing wrong with being nice either. Why do women look at nice men as if they are weak, little puppies who can’t match up with the “big dogs?” I’m not a “little, weak puppy.” You don’t need to be a bad boy to be a “big dog.” Nice guys can be tough, cool headed, and brave as well as adventurous, risqué, and wild. Bad boys are just puppies who think they’re the big dogs.

Myth #5 Nice guys don’t embrace their masculinity.

Wrong. Being a nice guy is not effeminate or weak looking. Where do they get these inane ideas I will never know. Masculinity has nothing to do with anything. Forget all the stupid nonsense about masculinity. It’s unimportant because no man is the same. The masculinity is all make believe crap about stereotyping men into feeling insecure about themselves when they are not, “Masculine enough.” Not every men can be athletic, not every men has to chew tobacco or smoke or drink beer, not every men has to rip their shirt off and beat their chest every time another guy comes along and talks to his girlfriend, not every men has to have a big dick to have a high sex drive. There is no masculinity or femininity. There is only you, an individual, human being.

Myth #6 Nice guys are too emotional

Well I supposed every single good men must weep at a drop of a hat right? Wrong! nice guys are just nice people. Emotions does not factor into it. We do not weep at the drop of the hat, and not all nice guys are crying at sappy romantic movies. Hell, I’m pretty sure not all homosexuals weeps at romantic movies either.

Myth #7 Nice guys are pushovers

Yeah right. Being nice is not something only a weak person is. Nice guys can fight dirty if they have to, and nice guys can get up when push comes to shove. Go shove a nice police officer down. Go on.

Myth #8 Nice guys don’t get laid

Uh, no. They do get laid too. I don’t recall my brothers currently being snobbish jerks (Except when we were younger, but we all grew up) and they got married. We’re nice guys, including our dad. This is proof that nice guys do get laid.

Myth #9 Bad boys makes better boyfriends.

Yeah, be sure to tell that to the girls down at the battered women shelter.

Myth #10 Nice guys are well… too nice to women

Yeah because girls want guys who beats them on a daily basis, cheat on them, and mistreat her, and call her a whore. Go figure. Nice guys are nice because they want to be and there are women who like that.

Myth #11 His happiness is dependent on his relationships.

Wrong. Our happiness can be from anything like the hobbies and activities we like. Relationship is just something we like to have with another.

Myth #12 Nice guys tend to be shy around women.

And there are women who like their men shy and nice guys are not all shy either.

Myth #13 Nice guys buys women dinners and gifts. That’s a major no-no.

(Facepalmed) how is that a no-no? Women do like dinners and gifts, what is wrong with that? And besides, nice guys are not the only guys who buy dinner and gifts. What is it that women want if not romantic settings like movies, dinner, gifts, or walks in a park? What, do you think women just want one nightstand?

Myth #14 Nice guys apologizes unnecessarily.

What’s unnecessary? “Oh I’m sorry, I nearly touched your arm. Oh I’m sorry, I nearly forgot to open the door for you. Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t cover my mouth when I burped.” That may be a bit much but guys aren’t all that apologetic.

Myth #15 Women wants tough men for their protection.

And who couldn’t offer that but brusque guys who rips their shirts off and pounds their chest? Give me a break, nice guys can be protective as the next guy. And besides, not all women think they’re frail.

Myth #16 Women needs a real man.

What’s a real man? A guy who breaks walls and screams, “Hulk smash!” give me a break. There is no “Real man,” that’s pure nonsense!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I hate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day sucks!
Reasons why I hate Valentine’s Day

Reason number one

Love (Sometimes) bites

Keep in mind that despite the fact that I’m single, I do not hate Valentine’s Day based on jealousy or depression. The reason I say love bites was because people don’t get into a relationship long and some of them ended up broken hearted, angry or other things. It reminds them that people are callously jostling by you to get another person candies and flowers and you’re wondering if they’re being doped into a relationship that’ll never last or if you’ll ever have a lasting relationship. Valentine’s Day smashes the hearts of those whose hearts are still broken. Granted, like I said, not all who are broken up are hurting, but can be just wondering.

Reason number two

It’s just money business, not love business.

The companies don’t give a rat’s ass about your relationship, they want you to just spend, spend, and spend all of your money when you don’t need to. You never needed to spend a dime on Valentine’s Day. What, are we so damn desperate for someone we love to buy stuff for each other? Here’s what I would be doing; going places together, seeing movies, planning trips, eating out together, and many things. None of those needs candies, flowers or toys. They’re unimportant. If your date expects them, well that’s up to you.

Reason number three

Singles Awareness Day

I’m single and yet everywhere I go, people are buying flowers, candies and plush toys for their loved ones. All I can say is, “If she wasn’t going to love you because you didn’t get her candies, toys, or flowers, she ain’t right for you.” Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Keep in mind I’m not being jealous or depressed or whatever. I just think it’s nonsense.

Reason Number four

Why should it be that important?

If I’m dating some woman, I will do things together with her on any given day. I’m sure love can be expressed on any day of the month. I could take her to someplace on a Christmas eve, we could go to some place for fun together during springtime, even visit other countries. We can go to movies, eat out at dinner or whatever. Those days beats Valentine’s Day any day. Seriously, you don’t need a special day to tell people you love them.

Reason number five

Candies and flowers? What do you take me for?

I don’t want candies or flowers. Ok, maybe some candy, but it doesn’t need to be on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day seems to just say, “Buy our flowers, Candies and our plush toys.” They don’t seem to present anything special like, “Get this and you can get on a carnival or a cruise” on some things. Wouldn’t it be nice if they do that at least? It’s better to say, “Let’s do something fun together, even as a family,” Instead of, “Candies and flowers. Get our candies and flowers!”

Reason number six

It’s a means to competition.

Love should not be a competition, even if your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend gives them more candies and/or flowers than you. It shouldn’t be a competition! If you’re in love with someone and they love you, then that’s it! You don’t need to compete with another person with a, “Mine is better because he got me this many flowers/ this many candies/this many toys.” Give me a break.

Reason number seven

A person out of the relationship gets pitied.

Why? Why must I be pitied for not having a girlfriend in my life? That doesn’t help me at all, it just makes me feel like crawling into the ground to wither away and die. Not because I don’t have a love of my life, but because people looks down on me for not having one. Same when it comes to those who just broke up. Hey, I have an idea, how about doing something about it for them?