Monday, May 31, 2010

people who hates humanity are stupid.

Human beings are not all emotionless, merciless evil beings or some bullshit. Each and every human being are entirely different. Some are good, some are mean, some are neutral, some are antisocial, and so on and so forth.

Each person plays their own role they make in life, no one is the same. No two catholics are the same, no two black people are the same, no two conservatives are the same, no two Jews are the same, no two men are the same, no two gays are the same, no two disabled people are the same, no one is the same.

Yes, there are histories of bloodshed and deaths done by human beings for centuries, but they shouldn't be a reason to hate humanity. It is to be observed and realized just how bad it was. Take a good look outside today and you'll see that it's less violent than it was centuries before. Humanity shouldn't be hated just because someone decided to create a holocaust or to force children to swallow cyanides in Jonestown. What should be done is to realize why it is wrong and that we shouldn't follow in their footsteps. Which is part of the reason why history is being taught.

Another good reason why humanity shouldn't be hated; humans are animals, driven to eat meat as well as eat vegetation. There are animals that eat meat just as well, but humans are the only ones the "Haters of humanity" looks at.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whale Wars and why i think it's a joke.

First off, i'm not pro-whaling nor am i against whaling. I just simply do not care about the whales or any other animals. Don't get me wrong, i like animals, but not enough to go, "Oh my god, you humans are evil animal nazis! F YOU!" or something like that. Personally, I have no problem with people choosing to hunt, fish or to do animal research. it's fine with me, i just don't get what the problem is. All I heard was these arguments like "These animals feel pain" or "They're not ours to eat" or "We're cruel and merciless monsters that slaughters innocent and defenseless creatures" or "Humans must die off because the world would be a better place without them." or "These animals are smarter than humans." or "The whales have been here longer than humans." All of those are ridiculous and i'm going to pick those arguments off one by one.

"These animals feel pain."

Of course they feel pain. Animals, including humans, have a thing called a nervous system which connects to the brain, transmitting signals like pain, pleasure, and such. Just because animals feel pain doesn't excuse the need to feed to survive. It's not only humans who eats animals, other animals of many sorts eats animals just as well. Funny thing is, you never seen anyone going up to a lion saying, "Mr. Lion, that was mean! You shouldn't have murdered mrs. Antelope." or the news caster asking the praying mantis why she killed her mate. And yet, we're the ones who brings death and destruction and all the animals are just happily prancing around as the sun smiles and the rainbows dropping skittles. The lions were lying down with the lambs and wolves were playing pattie cakes with the sheep.

"They're not ours to eat."

Yes they are. It's simply the way we are, we eat meat. We're omnivores (A creature that eats meat and plants), not herbivores (A creature that eats only plants). Let's run a little thought experiment; let's say that there is this one world where humans do not exist and another where humans do exist. Let's have one Deer, the same deer on each world, and one human kills it and eats it. Would the deer in the other world live on and die of old age? Probably not because there are still predators that considers that deer food. So what is the point of all this? It means that no matter what, there are always going to be carnivores (A creature that eats only meat) and omnivores regardless whether or not humans exists. There always will be animals getting eaten and that is just the way the world is. Now imagine that nobody eats meat in the world. That would include the viruses and bacterias, so the animals will not rot if they die. So what happens to all the animals that die? Talk about having a waste of space and the bodies would just keep piling up one after another.

"We're the cruel and merciless monsters that slaughters the innocent and defenseless creatures."

There are actually worse animals than humans when it comes to killing for meat. For instance, a wasp would lay its eggs on the living caterpillar and when hatches, it eats the caterpillar. Male lions that takes over a new pride, kills off baby cubs and procreates with the lionesses so they can have its baby cubs instead. Some animals resorts to cannibalism, some eats you from the inside, some animals eats babies and some would eat many creatures at once (Anteaters and whales for instance). Nature is cruel, humans are just omnivores. Sure we do horrific things to animals but we also do horrific things to each other and to ourselves. Keep in mind that many animals in the whole animal kingdom are just as cruel and merciless, not innocent or defenseless. As for considering animals that are defenseless and innocent, that is your perception, not theirs. We may think they're innocent and defenseless, we may be wanting to protect them, but they are just animals. Animals will die whether they get eaten or not.

"The world would be better off without humans."

Now that is just plain sad. Blame the humans, but don't blame the lions or alligaters because the humans are the ones who are our only concern. That is just plain sad. I do not believe that the world would be better or worse with us here. That is just being thick and hateful. Just because we kill for research, food, self defense or whatever, doesn't mean that we're bad people. There are animals who are worse than humans, but you would never see people getting angry at them. Why is that? Oh I think I know; it's because they just hate themselves. Yeah, bad evil humans, why do you do what you do? Give me a break.

"Animals are smarter than humans."

Oh, have they established an education system? Have they have moral principles like we do? Do they think and rationalize like we do? No they do not, they're just dumb animals living on instinct.

"These whales have been here longer than we do."

Personally, i couldn't give rats ass about how long an animal has been around, they're still going to be food one way or another. I don't know why some people would use that argument as a reason not to hunt animals? Oh I know! It's because they hate humans!

Now, as for the Whale wars show, i personally feel that the Sea Shepperd are nothing but a joke. They assault, harass and tried to enforce a law they have no authority to use! It's one thing to feel concern for animals, but to use terrorism to get what you want is a whole different story. Yes you heard me, i said terrorism! It's terrorism to be boarding illegally on one's vessel, to be throwing acid on their ship and to ram them!

When the Japanese threw flash bombs and tear gas at them, the Crew on Sea Shepperd were going off with, "They're attacking us, they're attacking us!" I'm like, hell, you attacked them first! That was self defense! And of course this Captain claimed he was shot by the Japanese. Bullshit. He was not shot and how do i know this? No bullet wound, no bullet holes on the ship, no blood from the Captain's chest and he isn't on the ground. He simply pressed his pin into his chest while getting excited over throwing acid bombs onto the Whaler's ship which pricked him. I cannot believe he actually said that he was shot. It was just to get sympathy and it was a bull face lie!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

environmentalists are wrong.

I've been hearing this, "We're destroying the planet, we won't have any water, air, food and other resources left, we're causing a global warming, etc, etc." Truth be told, they couldn't be more wrong.

How do i know this? The environmentalists were just using scare tactics and trying to get a rise out of people. I'm not saying that we're all perfectly fine, i'm saying that we're not losing resources. We're gaining more resources, we're planting new trees, and food is abundant. Sure, right now the economy is in trouble, but that happens all the time. It'll get back up later on.

As for the global warming, we're just not sure yet. We don't have the accurate information to be sure that we're going to have a global warming.

The air is never going to be a problem because trees gives off oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide. We breathe out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen.

as for the water, it's vast and it still covers the large percentage of the earth's mass. We're fine on that.

Also, the animal extinction happens all the time, it's mother nature. We're all going to die off, but new species will continue to grow. our ancestors have died off, but we are living right now. There is a very good chance that a new species of hominids will rise in the place of homo sapiens. Are we responsible for the extinction of animals? Not so much really. Animals die off all the time regardless of human intervention.

Again, i am not saying, "Everything is cool, we're all perfectly ok!" Because we're not. I'm pretty sure that the problems we have are huge, but there are people today who are trying to solve the problems.

Humans are not evil and they're not all for just profit and being ignorant of the world we live in. Sure, some are just in it for the profit, but a lot of people care about earth too. It's good to want to help the earth, let's not try and be treating humanity as demons who seeks only destruction. That's pure bullshit.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

the intense stupidity of people.

it's like this; people takes things too seriously like pictures on the internet, tv shows and videos games and the like. There is this one picture of a kitten who fell into the toilet, the owner felt that it is funny to take a picture. They may have scooped out the kitten and dried it up. No harm done. And yet, people flips out like total retards and go, "Oh that is offensive, you're abusive, you're a cruel animal nazi, how would you like it if i flush you down the toilet" that sort of stuff. Why are they that stupid? Because they took it too seriously and totally made judgments on the person who took the picture.

1) There was no abuse of any kind there.

It is very likely that the kitten fell in on their own. (But how did the kitten get on the toilet?) like likely that the kitten either jumped pretty high, climbed up on some cloth and got onto the sink and then to the toilet. Cats are very curious creatures, so i'm not surprised that a kitten would have fell into the toilet. Just keep it closed.

2) No one actually flushed the kitten, otherwise, the kitten would have been killed.

3) We have no idea how long the kitten has been there, so let's not assume they left it there to suffer.

4) every picture that was made, it is just to be humorous or cute. No one would truly harm the animal. Want to know who harms the animals the most? Watch america's home videos or some shows like that.

So the thing is, these idiots cannot be reasoned with, they rather live in their delusional bubble that everything they think of is correct. They do not wish to learn anything and to realize anything that is factual. That is why they're so intensely stupid.