Sunday, March 28, 2010

Strip club dos and don’ts.

I’ve had gone to a strip club for the first time and hopefully, it won’t be the last time. I’ve actually enjoyed it and I am willing to return again. Now, there are rules to follow which I know is necessary at strip clubs. While strip club rules varies, respect is still the same. All that is needed, aside from tips for the strippers, is respect and common sense.

1. Show the strippers respect! Never touch them unless they give you a permission and when they do something for you, keep your hands to yourself unless she wants you to touch her. I’ve had women do some really sexy things for me, but I always kept my hands to myself. Disrespectfully touching them will get your ass kicked out.
2. When speaking to them, be kind and courteous. Do not call them a whore or a slut, do not ask them for a date, do not give out your personal information and never demand sex. You can speak to them, but keep the conversation short. They’re here to make money, not be your personal dancer.
3. Remember, they’re doing this for the money, not because they like you personally. If a waitress serves you your food, did you think she is doing this because she wants to date you? No, so why would you expect them to? I know that they don’t care about me, they are just doing this for the money.
4. Be a gentleman. These women are not going to be pleased if you act like a chauvinistic pig! If you can’t behave yourself, don’t get mad if the bouncer bounces your ass out of the club.
5. When going to a strip club, be sure to always balance the budget! It’s important that you do so! If you don’t have enough to pay to get into the club and to tip the strippers, waitresses or the bartenders, don’t bother coming until you can afford it. Be sure to know how much you’re going to spend. Never spend your whole paycheck. It would not do you justice.
6. Keep in mind that these women are doing this for various of reasons and some are to pay for college or to take care of their kids for example.
7. They’re not harlots, they’re strippers. Sex is not part of the strip club. Go to the brothel if you want sex.
8. They’re people too, they have feelings, they have lives and they’re not here to be treated like shit. Never degrade them or lower their self esteem.

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