Monday, June 7, 2010

Circumcision is repulsive.

Circumcision is repulsive.

I personally hate circumcision 100% and find it to be unnecessary, sickening, retarded and pointless. I do not understand why some people would think that circumcision is a good thing.

“Oh I had my dick cut and I don’t remember any pain.” “I like cut dicks, foreskins are repulsive, don’t keep that nasty looking thing!” “My religion teaches us that it’s needed. It’s part of the tradition.”

Just because you don’t remember being in pain, does not make it alright. What if the tradition was to slap you across the face hard because your parents thinks that it’ll rattle demons out of you so that they won’t make you sin and if you cry, they may think it’ll keep the demons away as well, would you accept that even if you won’t remember it? It would make any rational person faint at the sight of that form of abuse and call it a tradition.

Just because someone’s traditional beliefs was that babies should be circumcised doesn’t mean that we should accept it or impose it onto others. It’s sad that people try to make up reasons for circumcisions and yet fail at providing reasonable evidence on the contrary.

“Women likes it better that way, foreskins are disgusting, it looks better cut.”

Personal likes and dislikes are in no way a reasonable excuse to cut children’s dick. What if someone thinks tattooing a symbol on an infant thinking it’ll protect them from being possessed by demons and it looks sexy? Sorry, but that’s just plain stupid.

“It was to stop them from masturbating.”

Oh no, the … SIN! (Dramatic chord from monty python) seriously, that is the most stupidest thing ever to circumcise your child. What does it matter to you if he jerks off? He’ll still jerk off even if he’s circumcised. What, are you going to put your hand down his drawers and demand him never to do as he pleases with his own body? What is wrong with loving our own body? Because some imaginary sky daddy would get pissed? If there is a God, he can suck my cock for all I care, I’m not going to allow anyone to have any control over my own body. Especially not by some character written on a piece of paper.

“It has medical benefits.”

So foreskins attracts diseases like moths to a flame right? Wrong! Whether you’re circumcised or not, you will still get diseases no matter what. Your brain can get cancer, your heart can get cancer, your lungs can get cancer and you don’t see anyone taking them out. As long as we take care of ourselves, we’ll be more likely to be healthy than not.

“I worry that he’ll get teased.”

The only thing Johnny is going to be teased about between his legs is how small it looks, not that it’s circumcised or not. I’ve never seen any kids going, “Ha, ha he’s got a cut dick, he’s got a cut dick,” or “His dick’s not cut, his dick’s not cut.” Never happened. I know this to be true because I’ve been in the locker rooms a lot when in school. No matter what, kids will get teased for countless of things and there is nothing you can do to prevent it initiatively.

“I want him to look like his daddy.”

No rational human being would ever think that this idea is at all good. There is not a single reason for boys to look like their daddy. I have never met a single boy who ever said, “How come I don’t look like my dad?” No child gives a fuck that they don’t look like their dad, it’s not even necessary. You never hear a talk show host going, “Oh the boy is concerned that he looks nothing like his father because he has an uncircumcised penis while his father does.” Sorry, never happens.

“I heard that it’s sanitary.”

And I heard that if you rub chicken’s blood on you, it’ll cure the leprosy right up. Oh, what? It’s bullshit? Oh well. The point is, it’s not that difficult to clean your dick and the boy will learn on his own how to clean it. What are you so afraid of? That he’ll have total control of his own body and you rather he be your little puppet? I’ve never been told to keep it clean, but I decided to clean it all on my own and have no problems whatsoever.

“Women likes cut dicks.”

Some women do, some don’t, but just because someone likes something, doesn’t mean that you should do it. Some women likes bondage, does that mean we have to do sex bondage? No! It’s just a matter of personal interest. When it comes down to the major interest in a community, people would likely to think this is of the norm. Of course women are going to like cut dicks because circumcision is the norm. But keep in mind that just because they like it doesn’t mean that they should do circumcise the babies. When are we ever going to start realizing that your own personal interest is your own personal interest and not everyone has to adopt the interest of the majority just because they like it?

“I have a son who circumcised and he doesn’t have any problem being circumcised.”

If I have been circumcised, I too would think there wasn’t any problem with it. However, note that I didn’t say I would have researched it beforehand. If I was circumcised and did my research, I would have been pissed. I’m not sure if the sons who thought it was perfectly fine have done any research, but many men are not pleased with being cut at birth against their own will.

“It’s in the baby’s best interests.”

Ah yes, just like slapping the infant was in the baby’s best interest because you want it to be free of some imaginary demons. I know what’s in the baby’s best interest and it doesn’t involve circumcision! In no way does circumcision sound like something babies need. Also, note that there are botched circumcisions and this one girl found out that she is actually a boy whose circumcision went wrong. Start telling her/him that it was in their best interest.

“Who are you to decide what others should do with their children?”

So if a parent abuses a baby or neglects them medical help because they think praying will cure them, we should just let them? Keep in mind that I’m not trying to say that the parents are abusive or cruel people, they’re good people thinking about what’s best for their child. It’s just that they hadn’t realized that there isn’t a logical reason for circumcision.

Overall, circumcised dicks and uncircumcised dicks are mostly the same in every way, minus one without the foreskin. Both can get diseases, both are still enjoyable during sex, both men can still masturbate, people still find them attractive, and it is still easy to clean anyway. So circumcision has no special benefits that a uncircumcised penis doesn’t have, minus losing thousands of nerve endings in the foreskin.

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