Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jesus is a copy of another man

As i watched the rivals of jesus on youtube, i notice a man with similar powers as jesus, also born miraculously, but he dies of old age, and descends to heaven by choir. The christians uses that man and makes their own Jesus Christ. Maybe the reason Jesus does not answer was because he was just an image of the other man. I don't know his name but it starts with an A.

This is one that shows Christianity is just a cop out from other religions. They stole other religions stories and claims it was true religion. Also, many stories of people in the past seems to bve, if any of them truly exists, seem to rival to what Jesus is as the messiah, God, son of God, and so on. also some of the rivals share similar parts to Jesus, which makes it complicated. Are any of them true? Who knows, but one thing for sure, Jesus' story sure as hell ain't true, because many of Jesus' story is modeled by many other religious believers' stories. And not just that. The entire book the Bible is modeled and stories are stolen from many other religions stories. They claim it is all true.

This explains why we find no concrete evidence for any of the stories, especially Jesus'. It is all false and the doctrine of christianity is modeled from all other religions they heard of.

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