Thursday, October 14, 2010

money saving rescue!

Ways to save money.

1) Have a goal in mind.

If you’re planning to saving money, you have to think about what it is you’re saving it for. What exactly are your goals you wish to do or get? Make a list of things you would want to do and starting saving them up.

2) Think about why you want to achieve that goal.

The troublesome thing people do is spending money just because something looks good to have or something else. Never buy something unless it’s worth buying. Let’s say you want to work out and you want exercise equipment. You see something that looks benefitting to you. Think it over and if it’s want you want, then make that your goal. Let’s say you have a love for Japan and you want to travel there. Think about what it is you wanted to do there, do some research and figure out the costs for everything you need for the flight, someplace to stay, food to eat and possibly souvenirs. I’ve been told this wise advice; think before you act. So take that advice, think before you act. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t think before I acted and that was a major mistake. I looked at all of the things I’ve owned and regretted buying most of it.

3) Got financial problems? Work on that first, then fun.

Remember how it is when your parents say, “No tv unless you did your homework?” Well, this is the same, take care of your problems before anything else. The troublesome thing people do is try to handle too much while trying to have fun. Think before you act.

4) Don’t drink, smoke or do drugs.

Yes I know, you’ve heard it all before and that pisses you off. But here’s the thing, they are expensive and they will keep your money flowing a lot slower. Think before you act.

5) Don’t be a junkie.

No not the drug junkie (Although you shouldn’t do drugs either), I’m talking video game junkie, movie junkie and such. It’s fine to like video games, movies, books and such. But you got to start using your head. The biggest mistake I made was that I was constantly buying video games, books, and movies. It kept me from making money and often times, they were a waste. Sure there’s some games I have that was excellent and some movies are excellent as well. Hell, I even tried to collect all the series of books. But you got to figure, would it really be worth it? I’m not sure if it would have been worth it if I start buying world of warcraft, so I didn’t.

6) Be sure to make a list and write things down.

Let’s say you have a job that pays you 700 per month. I know, I know, that sucks ass. But you have to look at it from this point of view, it’s better to be realistic and figure out how to do things rather than live in la-la land.

If you’re going to live in an apartment, I would suggest not just the cheapest apartment, but apartment with free utility. Paying electric bills is a nightmare. I lived in a tiny apartment that is not cheap only because it was the only cheap apartment nearby. I didn’t have free utility and it cost me over 300 dollars in utility for few months. I was ballistic, outrage, and I deeply hated the electric companies. So make sure you figure out the digits before you take an apartment.

You’re going to need to eat. One of my biggest pet peeve is buying food you are not going to eat and would eventually throw away. Never, ever buy food unless you’re going to eat it. I’ve seen people’s refrigerator and half of the food is going bad. Buy what you will eat otherwise you’re just wasting money. Food costs money and they ain’t cheap! Go cheap, buy what you want to eat. My advice is go to different stores, match up prices of the food item, get the cheapest one.

You’re going to need cleaning supplies and personal supplies. My advice is this, don’t go for the best or something that looks cool. Just get what is necessary.

I don’t know about you, but I would never buy a car. Cars are a major money suckers. They are extremely expensive, they need constant repairs and they need gas all the time. Get a ride, buy a bike, take a taxi or a bus fare. This isn’t to say you can’t buy a car, this is to say that buying the car right away would just hurt your finances. Although, there is some vehicles that runs on electric and there’s the human car where you’re the energy to the car and it can save you a bunch. They may not be cheap, but if you’re interested, start saving up.

Stay away from the fast food joint. I know, even I go there because they’re tempting and I get careless. Go a little as possible but eat at home. Trust me when I say this, that $1 whopper would be worth 8 hamburgers if you buy them at the store.

As for clothes, don’t buy stuff you think it’s cool, buy what you need. I noticed that people binge on clothes and it starts piling everywhere in the house or the apartment. Never do that. Buy what is necessary.
For electronic equipment, books, games, movies and fun stuff there is, buy sparingly and be sure if this is what you really need.

Then for the 700 dollars per month, you may be spending 200 dollars on the stuff, 400 per month on the rent. That’ll be $100 left. Yes I know, that’s outrageous. This is important; know your math, figure out how you can earn a lot more. That is the point of this. Nothing is easy.

7) Go to school.

If you go through college or community college, you may be able to find a job that pays a lot more than you get with the crappy job you have now. Stick with it. My advice is this, never go working in a job where the hours are ever-changing. It makes it harder to go to school and find a second job.

8) Get a second job.

That can be an effective way to save money. My advice would be this; one job for important things, another would be for the goals.

9) Make an emergency money plan.

The idea is to try saving up money, putting it safely away for any emergency you might have. Keep saving up on it.


Don’t start going out with someone and go, “Let’s get married and have a bunch of kids.” That is a recipe for disaster! You’re not going to earn a lot of money this way. Wedding costs a lot of money, divorce costs a lot of money, child support costs a lot of money, child rearing costs even more money! Think before you act.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have kids or get married, I’m saying you shouldn’t rush headlong into marriage and kids. Plan things out, figure out the digits and how you can manage them. They’re too expensive, so think before you act.

Friday, July 30, 2010

NEWS FLASH - comedy

We interrupt this broadcast to send you a message that Timtheskeptic is an atheist... Oh wait, we already knew that. We interrupt this broadcast to inform the dog lovers that Tim hates your dogs. We also bring you a special message that Tim hates summer and doesn't want kids. Now Tim will be rallying some people to ban Summer, Dogs, Children, and stupid people off the planet earth, funding to build a giant spaceship to send them to Jupiter. And now back to Whale Wars crossover with Tellytubbies.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why i hate Arizona

1) The heat is dry and the rain hardly ever shows up to cool the heat down. It can get 120 degrees high or more in August, just over hundred in June or July. That is enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk and to roast your turkey on the street. It'll be like walking in the oven that is turned on 450 degrees. It's difficult to enjoy walking outside during the summer and you need to bring in some shades like umbrellas or hats. It can be difficult to breathe here when it's at its hottest. Every time I come back inside some building, i felt like i was cooked.

2) Construction workers are assholes because they closed off countless of lanes, sidewalks and streets underneath the highway. They don't just cut it off, they leave it like that for as long as i can remember. They never work on one site and finish it quickly, they work on one site, go to the next, take a week or two off and then return to a different site leaving everything undone for a very long ass time.

3) Utility bills are beyond outrageous! I had to pay over 300 dollars on the utility alone just for living in a tiny studio apartment. I wanted to shove a spiked bat up those assholes' ass!

4) In Arizona, you can just forget being rich! You can never have a job that pays well. Even if you manage to get a good pay, employers will just look for a way to fire your ass just so that they don't have to pay you. Apartment rents are insane and everything is so damn expensive here. This state is so not worth living in.

5) It's a desert that hardly has any decent cities around and when there are towns or cities, they're small and are far apart from each other.

6) Dust storm, nuff said.

7) Inconsiderate police officers who also kills people who poses a insignificant threat to them.

8) From where i am now, there's a bus stop three miles away, no apartments saved one but that is damn near expensive and hardly any decent job opportunities.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

how to be a crazy animal rights activist

(This is not for real, i'm just picking on the animal rights activists)

step one

Blindly love an animal without question and treat them like they're the most marvelous creatures that deserves to be treated like Gods.

Step two

Blindly hate anyone who doesn't love animals as you do like those who eats meat, those who keeps pets, those who hunts, whales or fishes, and those who uses animals in research to study and to find cures for diseases.

step three

Be sure to wish humanity dead because humanity is the gloom and doom while the animals are all harmless loving creatures that just wants to play all day. Also, animals are here first, humans came here in space ships from planet Dong.

Step four

Be sure to really love your animals to the point that you want to have sex with them.

Step five

Bomb research labs and animal shelters, because animals deserves to be free in the streets.

Step six

Be a Vegan, because eating anything that comes from animals is evil.

Step seven

Build animal shrines and start worshipping them and go eat human babies and sacrifice virgin girls onto the alters to worship the humpbacks and sperm whales.

Step eight

Be sure to defend all the animals there is because they're all harmless, sweet, defenseless little animals. Because only humans would eat the animals.

Step nine

Be a hypocrite.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Circumcision is repulsive.

Circumcision is repulsive.

I personally hate circumcision 100% and find it to be unnecessary, sickening, retarded and pointless. I do not understand why some people would think that circumcision is a good thing.

“Oh I had my dick cut and I don’t remember any pain.” “I like cut dicks, foreskins are repulsive, don’t keep that nasty looking thing!” “My religion teaches us that it’s needed. It’s part of the tradition.”

Just because you don’t remember being in pain, does not make it alright. What if the tradition was to slap you across the face hard because your parents thinks that it’ll rattle demons out of you so that they won’t make you sin and if you cry, they may think it’ll keep the demons away as well, would you accept that even if you won’t remember it? It would make any rational person faint at the sight of that form of abuse and call it a tradition.

Just because someone’s traditional beliefs was that babies should be circumcised doesn’t mean that we should accept it or impose it onto others. It’s sad that people try to make up reasons for circumcisions and yet fail at providing reasonable evidence on the contrary.

“Women likes it better that way, foreskins are disgusting, it looks better cut.”

Personal likes and dislikes are in no way a reasonable excuse to cut children’s dick. What if someone thinks tattooing a symbol on an infant thinking it’ll protect them from being possessed by demons and it looks sexy? Sorry, but that’s just plain stupid.

“It was to stop them from masturbating.”

Oh no, the … SIN! (Dramatic chord from monty python) seriously, that is the most stupidest thing ever to circumcise your child. What does it matter to you if he jerks off? He’ll still jerk off even if he’s circumcised. What, are you going to put your hand down his drawers and demand him never to do as he pleases with his own body? What is wrong with loving our own body? Because some imaginary sky daddy would get pissed? If there is a God, he can suck my cock for all I care, I’m not going to allow anyone to have any control over my own body. Especially not by some character written on a piece of paper.

“It has medical benefits.”

So foreskins attracts diseases like moths to a flame right? Wrong! Whether you’re circumcised or not, you will still get diseases no matter what. Your brain can get cancer, your heart can get cancer, your lungs can get cancer and you don’t see anyone taking them out. As long as we take care of ourselves, we’ll be more likely to be healthy than not.

“I worry that he’ll get teased.”

The only thing Johnny is going to be teased about between his legs is how small it looks, not that it’s circumcised or not. I’ve never seen any kids going, “Ha, ha he’s got a cut dick, he’s got a cut dick,” or “His dick’s not cut, his dick’s not cut.” Never happened. I know this to be true because I’ve been in the locker rooms a lot when in school. No matter what, kids will get teased for countless of things and there is nothing you can do to prevent it initiatively.

“I want him to look like his daddy.”

No rational human being would ever think that this idea is at all good. There is not a single reason for boys to look like their daddy. I have never met a single boy who ever said, “How come I don’t look like my dad?” No child gives a fuck that they don’t look like their dad, it’s not even necessary. You never hear a talk show host going, “Oh the boy is concerned that he looks nothing like his father because he has an uncircumcised penis while his father does.” Sorry, never happens.

“I heard that it’s sanitary.”

And I heard that if you rub chicken’s blood on you, it’ll cure the leprosy right up. Oh, what? It’s bullshit? Oh well. The point is, it’s not that difficult to clean your dick and the boy will learn on his own how to clean it. What are you so afraid of? That he’ll have total control of his own body and you rather he be your little puppet? I’ve never been told to keep it clean, but I decided to clean it all on my own and have no problems whatsoever.

“Women likes cut dicks.”

Some women do, some don’t, but just because someone likes something, doesn’t mean that you should do it. Some women likes bondage, does that mean we have to do sex bondage? No! It’s just a matter of personal interest. When it comes down to the major interest in a community, people would likely to think this is of the norm. Of course women are going to like cut dicks because circumcision is the norm. But keep in mind that just because they like it doesn’t mean that they should do circumcise the babies. When are we ever going to start realizing that your own personal interest is your own personal interest and not everyone has to adopt the interest of the majority just because they like it?

“I have a son who circumcised and he doesn’t have any problem being circumcised.”

If I have been circumcised, I too would think there wasn’t any problem with it. However, note that I didn’t say I would have researched it beforehand. If I was circumcised and did my research, I would have been pissed. I’m not sure if the sons who thought it was perfectly fine have done any research, but many men are not pleased with being cut at birth against their own will.

“It’s in the baby’s best interests.”

Ah yes, just like slapping the infant was in the baby’s best interest because you want it to be free of some imaginary demons. I know what’s in the baby’s best interest and it doesn’t involve circumcision! In no way does circumcision sound like something babies need. Also, note that there are botched circumcisions and this one girl found out that she is actually a boy whose circumcision went wrong. Start telling her/him that it was in their best interest.

“Who are you to decide what others should do with their children?”

So if a parent abuses a baby or neglects them medical help because they think praying will cure them, we should just let them? Keep in mind that I’m not trying to say that the parents are abusive or cruel people, they’re good people thinking about what’s best for their child. It’s just that they hadn’t realized that there isn’t a logical reason for circumcision.

Overall, circumcised dicks and uncircumcised dicks are mostly the same in every way, minus one without the foreskin. Both can get diseases, both are still enjoyable during sex, both men can still masturbate, people still find them attractive, and it is still easy to clean anyway. So circumcision has no special benefits that a uncircumcised penis doesn’t have, minus losing thousands of nerve endings in the foreskin.

Monday, May 31, 2010

people who hates humanity are stupid.

Human beings are not all emotionless, merciless evil beings or some bullshit. Each and every human being are entirely different. Some are good, some are mean, some are neutral, some are antisocial, and so on and so forth.

Each person plays their own role they make in life, no one is the same. No two catholics are the same, no two black people are the same, no two conservatives are the same, no two Jews are the same, no two men are the same, no two gays are the same, no two disabled people are the same, no one is the same.

Yes, there are histories of bloodshed and deaths done by human beings for centuries, but they shouldn't be a reason to hate humanity. It is to be observed and realized just how bad it was. Take a good look outside today and you'll see that it's less violent than it was centuries before. Humanity shouldn't be hated just because someone decided to create a holocaust or to force children to swallow cyanides in Jonestown. What should be done is to realize why it is wrong and that we shouldn't follow in their footsteps. Which is part of the reason why history is being taught.

Another good reason why humanity shouldn't be hated; humans are animals, driven to eat meat as well as eat vegetation. There are animals that eat meat just as well, but humans are the only ones the "Haters of humanity" looks at.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whale Wars and why i think it's a joke.

First off, i'm not pro-whaling nor am i against whaling. I just simply do not care about the whales or any other animals. Don't get me wrong, i like animals, but not enough to go, "Oh my god, you humans are evil animal nazis! F YOU!" or something like that. Personally, I have no problem with people choosing to hunt, fish or to do animal research. it's fine with me, i just don't get what the problem is. All I heard was these arguments like "These animals feel pain" or "They're not ours to eat" or "We're cruel and merciless monsters that slaughters innocent and defenseless creatures" or "Humans must die off because the world would be a better place without them." or "These animals are smarter than humans." or "The whales have been here longer than humans." All of those are ridiculous and i'm going to pick those arguments off one by one.

"These animals feel pain."

Of course they feel pain. Animals, including humans, have a thing called a nervous system which connects to the brain, transmitting signals like pain, pleasure, and such. Just because animals feel pain doesn't excuse the need to feed to survive. It's not only humans who eats animals, other animals of many sorts eats animals just as well. Funny thing is, you never seen anyone going up to a lion saying, "Mr. Lion, that was mean! You shouldn't have murdered mrs. Antelope." or the news caster asking the praying mantis why she killed her mate. And yet, we're the ones who brings death and destruction and all the animals are just happily prancing around as the sun smiles and the rainbows dropping skittles. The lions were lying down with the lambs and wolves were playing pattie cakes with the sheep.

"They're not ours to eat."

Yes they are. It's simply the way we are, we eat meat. We're omnivores (A creature that eats meat and plants), not herbivores (A creature that eats only plants). Let's run a little thought experiment; let's say that there is this one world where humans do not exist and another where humans do exist. Let's have one Deer, the same deer on each world, and one human kills it and eats it. Would the deer in the other world live on and die of old age? Probably not because there are still predators that considers that deer food. So what is the point of all this? It means that no matter what, there are always going to be carnivores (A creature that eats only meat) and omnivores regardless whether or not humans exists. There always will be animals getting eaten and that is just the way the world is. Now imagine that nobody eats meat in the world. That would include the viruses and bacterias, so the animals will not rot if they die. So what happens to all the animals that die? Talk about having a waste of space and the bodies would just keep piling up one after another.

"We're the cruel and merciless monsters that slaughters the innocent and defenseless creatures."

There are actually worse animals than humans when it comes to killing for meat. For instance, a wasp would lay its eggs on the living caterpillar and when hatches, it eats the caterpillar. Male lions that takes over a new pride, kills off baby cubs and procreates with the lionesses so they can have its baby cubs instead. Some animals resorts to cannibalism, some eats you from the inside, some animals eats babies and some would eat many creatures at once (Anteaters and whales for instance). Nature is cruel, humans are just omnivores. Sure we do horrific things to animals but we also do horrific things to each other and to ourselves. Keep in mind that many animals in the whole animal kingdom are just as cruel and merciless, not innocent or defenseless. As for considering animals that are defenseless and innocent, that is your perception, not theirs. We may think they're innocent and defenseless, we may be wanting to protect them, but they are just animals. Animals will die whether they get eaten or not.

"The world would be better off without humans."

Now that is just plain sad. Blame the humans, but don't blame the lions or alligaters because the humans are the ones who are our only concern. That is just plain sad. I do not believe that the world would be better or worse with us here. That is just being thick and hateful. Just because we kill for research, food, self defense or whatever, doesn't mean that we're bad people. There are animals who are worse than humans, but you would never see people getting angry at them. Why is that? Oh I think I know; it's because they just hate themselves. Yeah, bad evil humans, why do you do what you do? Give me a break.

"Animals are smarter than humans."

Oh, have they established an education system? Have they have moral principles like we do? Do they think and rationalize like we do? No they do not, they're just dumb animals living on instinct.

"These whales have been here longer than we do."

Personally, i couldn't give rats ass about how long an animal has been around, they're still going to be food one way or another. I don't know why some people would use that argument as a reason not to hunt animals? Oh I know! It's because they hate humans!

Now, as for the Whale wars show, i personally feel that the Sea Shepperd are nothing but a joke. They assault, harass and tried to enforce a law they have no authority to use! It's one thing to feel concern for animals, but to use terrorism to get what you want is a whole different story. Yes you heard me, i said terrorism! It's terrorism to be boarding illegally on one's vessel, to be throwing acid on their ship and to ram them!

When the Japanese threw flash bombs and tear gas at them, the Crew on Sea Shepperd were going off with, "They're attacking us, they're attacking us!" I'm like, hell, you attacked them first! That was self defense! And of course this Captain claimed he was shot by the Japanese. Bullshit. He was not shot and how do i know this? No bullet wound, no bullet holes on the ship, no blood from the Captain's chest and he isn't on the ground. He simply pressed his pin into his chest while getting excited over throwing acid bombs onto the Whaler's ship which pricked him. I cannot believe he actually said that he was shot. It was just to get sympathy and it was a bull face lie!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

environmentalists are wrong.

I've been hearing this, "We're destroying the planet, we won't have any water, air, food and other resources left, we're causing a global warming, etc, etc." Truth be told, they couldn't be more wrong.

How do i know this? The environmentalists were just using scare tactics and trying to get a rise out of people. I'm not saying that we're all perfectly fine, i'm saying that we're not losing resources. We're gaining more resources, we're planting new trees, and food is abundant. Sure, right now the economy is in trouble, but that happens all the time. It'll get back up later on.

As for the global warming, we're just not sure yet. We don't have the accurate information to be sure that we're going to have a global warming.

The air is never going to be a problem because trees gives off oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide. We breathe out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen.

as for the water, it's vast and it still covers the large percentage of the earth's mass. We're fine on that.

Also, the animal extinction happens all the time, it's mother nature. We're all going to die off, but new species will continue to grow. our ancestors have died off, but we are living right now. There is a very good chance that a new species of hominids will rise in the place of homo sapiens. Are we responsible for the extinction of animals? Not so much really. Animals die off all the time regardless of human intervention.

Again, i am not saying, "Everything is cool, we're all perfectly ok!" Because we're not. I'm pretty sure that the problems we have are huge, but there are people today who are trying to solve the problems.

Humans are not evil and they're not all for just profit and being ignorant of the world we live in. Sure, some are just in it for the profit, but a lot of people care about earth too. It's good to want to help the earth, let's not try and be treating humanity as demons who seeks only destruction. That's pure bullshit.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

the intense stupidity of people.

it's like this; people takes things too seriously like pictures on the internet, tv shows and videos games and the like. There is this one picture of a kitten who fell into the toilet, the owner felt that it is funny to take a picture. They may have scooped out the kitten and dried it up. No harm done. And yet, people flips out like total retards and go, "Oh that is offensive, you're abusive, you're a cruel animal nazi, how would you like it if i flush you down the toilet" that sort of stuff. Why are they that stupid? Because they took it too seriously and totally made judgments on the person who took the picture.

1) There was no abuse of any kind there.

It is very likely that the kitten fell in on their own. (But how did the kitten get on the toilet?) like likely that the kitten either jumped pretty high, climbed up on some cloth and got onto the sink and then to the toilet. Cats are very curious creatures, so i'm not surprised that a kitten would have fell into the toilet. Just keep it closed.

2) No one actually flushed the kitten, otherwise, the kitten would have been killed.

3) We have no idea how long the kitten has been there, so let's not assume they left it there to suffer.

4) every picture that was made, it is just to be humorous or cute. No one would truly harm the animal. Want to know who harms the animals the most? Watch america's home videos or some shows like that.

So the thing is, these idiots cannot be reasoned with, they rather live in their delusional bubble that everything they think of is correct. They do not wish to learn anything and to realize anything that is factual. That is why they're so intensely stupid.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Strip club dos and don’ts.

I’ve had gone to a strip club for the first time and hopefully, it won’t be the last time. I’ve actually enjoyed it and I am willing to return again. Now, there are rules to follow which I know is necessary at strip clubs. While strip club rules varies, respect is still the same. All that is needed, aside from tips for the strippers, is respect and common sense.

1. Show the strippers respect! Never touch them unless they give you a permission and when they do something for you, keep your hands to yourself unless she wants you to touch her. I’ve had women do some really sexy things for me, but I always kept my hands to myself. Disrespectfully touching them will get your ass kicked out.
2. When speaking to them, be kind and courteous. Do not call them a whore or a slut, do not ask them for a date, do not give out your personal information and never demand sex. You can speak to them, but keep the conversation short. They’re here to make money, not be your personal dancer.
3. Remember, they’re doing this for the money, not because they like you personally. If a waitress serves you your food, did you think she is doing this because she wants to date you? No, so why would you expect them to? I know that they don’t care about me, they are just doing this for the money.
4. Be a gentleman. These women are not going to be pleased if you act like a chauvinistic pig! If you can’t behave yourself, don’t get mad if the bouncer bounces your ass out of the club.
5. When going to a strip club, be sure to always balance the budget! It’s important that you do so! If you don’t have enough to pay to get into the club and to tip the strippers, waitresses or the bartenders, don’t bother coming until you can afford it. Be sure to know how much you’re going to spend. Never spend your whole paycheck. It would not do you justice.
6. Keep in mind that these women are doing this for various of reasons and some are to pay for college or to take care of their kids for example.
7. They’re not harlots, they’re strippers. Sex is not part of the strip club. Go to the brothel if you want sex.
8. They’re people too, they have feelings, they have lives and they’re not here to be treated like shit. Never degrade them or lower their self esteem.

Monday, January 25, 2010

5 reasons not to have children.

Here are my five reasons not to have children.

1) If you are going to dedicate your life to a career, travel, or anything that is so time consuming, then don't have children. Children are a full time job and they require a lot of attention. I mean A LOT of attention.

2) Say goodbye to your money. All your hard earnings are going to run like the waterfalls. You need to spend thousands on clothes, food, education, medical bills, dental bills, and many things. If you're poor, don't even THINK about having kids. That is one big major mistake poor parents make.

3) If you can't stand the yelling, screaming, crying kids and you consider them a nuisance, don't have kids. Trust me on this one, having kids will turn you into a bad parent whether you intended to be or not.

4) There is already a lot of children without homes, so instead of popping out a mini you, try thinking about adopting if you plan on being a parent. But i would ask you to test yourself and learn to see if you're fit enough to be a parent financially, emotionally, psychologically, and psychically.

5) Don't have kids if you don't know how to be a parent. Learn before you even THINK about popping out little minatures of yourself.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

i don't like bowling or golf.

here's my reasons for both of the golf and bowling:

1) They're boring.

2) They are not exciting as people makes it out to be.

One thing i don't like about bowling is the gutters. Everytime i bowl, my stupid ball keeps going into the fucking gutter more times than hitting the fucking pins. I wanted to grab a shotgun and shoot the motherfucking pins.

No, it's not because i wanted to win, it's because i can hardly enjoy bowling when the ball keeps going to the gutter too many times.

One thing i don't like about Golf is that it is a stressful game. I don't like stressful games. Why is it stressful? Try fucking getting your ball to the fucking path where you wanted it to go. Fuck that shit.

Again, it's not about the winning. I don't give a fuck when i win or lose, i just can't have fun when the ball goes the wrong way you wanted it to.

I'm just not a bowler type or a golfer type. I'm a type of guy who writes stuff, debates people, I like to make animations and little movies like with the Sims, i like to travel places but i am not a sports type, unless you count Kendo and martial arts. Those are the ones i like best.

Friday, January 22, 2010

reasons why I choose to remain single

Why do I choose to remain single?

Why the hell should I get into a relationship anyway? What business is it of theirs? I own my own body and my decision is my own to make. I choose to remain single for several great reasons.

When it comes to the noises, it’s actually much quieter when you’re single; no kids screaming their heads off for the hell of it, no spouse to yell at you, no expensive things being broken, no uninvited guests such as your kids’ friends or your spouse’s friends, no girl scouts or boy scouts, the phone doesn’t ring off the hook as if your house is a business place and all is left is a peace and quiet.

The television doesn’t remain on whenever the kids run loose around the house not watching anything, the lights don’t stay on when you wanted them off, the food is all yours, no messes anywhere that isn’t your own, nothing is moved and nothing is broken (Unless you yourself broke them).

The money you make is steady and it is rising, unless you’re a compulsive spender, and the only ones touching your money is you. There are fewer bills to pay and you don’t have to waste your money on anybody if you don’t want to. After all, it’s your money!

Someone might wonder why someone chooses to remain single. My answer to that is that people choose to remain single. It’s not because they’re unattractive, it’s not because they’ve been in a bad relationship, it’s not because they’re antisocial. It is because they just choose to remain single. The reasons really vary, but as I pointed out, those are not very good reasons as to why people remain single. I just choose to because I want to be single.

Would I ever be in a relationship? I have no idea, time will tell. I do like the idea of being with someone and sharing things together, but right now, I wanted to finish things up in my life and I got to stay focus. So maybe one day I might when I accomplish as much as I can.

For me, it is good to be single and without a child. That way, I can work on going through college, getting into a career that I like, earning enough money to travel around the world and maybe move to a country I feel is best for me. Maybe after all that, I may find a foreign girlfriend who shares similar interests and is right for me. It’s really about the freedom and a chance to accomplish my own goals.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Free Will

The Free Will

Often times I have heard Christians say that if God intervened and stopped crimes or natural disasters or has healed people, then it would be taking away our free will.

I disagree strongly with this.

If you say a child running into the street chasing after a ball and the car is coming up, would it be taking away the child’s free will if you were to save that child’s life?

If a young girl was being drug into some shady guy’s car screaming and pleading for him not to hurt her, would it be against her free will if you save her life?

If a man who is a cashier was held at gunpoint at a grocery store and the guy demands cash, would it be against their free will if the police intervenes?

If there is a tornado coming, an old woman is walking in her crutches outside, would it be taking away her free will if you help get her to safety?

This is about helping people and showing that you care about them. If the God, who is supposed to be all loving, exists, wouldn’t he do that?

If we did nothing to help people, it would be callous of us. Why wouldn’t it be the same with their God?

If the God exists and appears before me, I doubt my free will would have been taken away. We may even have a chat just like with any other person.

If the God stops me from walking into the street where there is a car driving out of control and at high speed, my free will is not taken. This is no different if it is another human who stops me.

People intervenes all the time, helping people or maybe even hurt them, so it is not really taking away free will, intervening is no different from simply interacting with other people.

People counsels other people (Counselors, psychiatrists), takes care of people (Doctors, caregivers, nurses and the like), some protects people (police, guards, parents, military and the like),

Some help people from overseas (Doctors without borders, people who donates to help people) and many more.

But there are hardened criminals, there are natural disasters that takes lives of the unfortunates including the diseases.

Some Christians likes to say, “When people do those things, there is no reason for God to intervene.”

But the God is the one who brought the problems onto us in the first place. This is like letting wolves come into your house and devour your family.

I’m not saying that life should be all rainbows and ponies, but where is the sense in allowing people to kidnap, rape, murder, torture or molest people?

Where is the sense in allowing thousands to die in earthquakes, Tsunamis, hurricanes or tornadoes?

Where is the sense in allowing children to die of cancer, people to die of AIDs, or any other diseases?

If one were to say, “So we can relate to the experience of others’ suffering,” then I would say that this person is a sick, twisted individual.

Why make them suffer and then make others suffer in order to relate to the suffering?

So if I were to take a knife, cut up a little girl’s arm and leave her to bleed, and do the same to another girl just so she can experience what the other girl experienced, does that sound reasonable to you?

Does that make any sense whatsoever?

No. That would make me a monster. Thus, Christians who says that, considers their God a monster themselves. What’s even worse, they don’t mind it!

Where is the sense in all this? This also doesn’t sound like he wasn’t intervening because he was concerned for our free will, he was being a sadistic person who enjoys sufferings.

Some Christians may say, “God works through doctors.”

So he does intervene, but through doctors. Why? What’s the point of all this?

If God wants to help people find cures and to save lives, then why did he make the problems happen in the first place? I thought he doesn’t intervene.

Some Christians likes to put the blame on Satan, “Satan does those evil things, God does not!”

Then why did the Bible say God created peace and evil? He said, “Who created evil, but I the lord your God, does all of these things.”

Your God created everything right? If he created everything, he created evil too. So your God is responsible for this.

So here’s the summary for all this:

1) Your God does not intervene because it would take away our free will.
2) Satan does the evil things, but God created everything, including evil.
3) God does intervene (Which makes it a contradiction on their part) through doctors.
4) God makes people suffer so that they can relate to other people’s suffering.

So overall, God created everything, including evil, does and does not intervene and has allowed people to suffer so they can relate to the people he has made them suffer in the first place.

Yet God is an all loving, all knowing, all powerful God who loves us all but will send us to hell because of Sin. God doesn’t want us to go to hell and allows us to make a choice.

The choice is this: if we follow Christ, we’ll go to Heaven, but if we don’t, we’ll burn in hell forever. Does any of this make any sense to you?