Wednesday, June 9, 2010

how to be a crazy animal rights activist

(This is not for real, i'm just picking on the animal rights activists)

step one

Blindly love an animal without question and treat them like they're the most marvelous creatures that deserves to be treated like Gods.

Step two

Blindly hate anyone who doesn't love animals as you do like those who eats meat, those who keeps pets, those who hunts, whales or fishes, and those who uses animals in research to study and to find cures for diseases.

step three

Be sure to wish humanity dead because humanity is the gloom and doom while the animals are all harmless loving creatures that just wants to play all day. Also, animals are here first, humans came here in space ships from planet Dong.

Step four

Be sure to really love your animals to the point that you want to have sex with them.

Step five

Bomb research labs and animal shelters, because animals deserves to be free in the streets.

Step six

Be a Vegan, because eating anything that comes from animals is evil.

Step seven

Build animal shrines and start worshipping them and go eat human babies and sacrifice virgin girls onto the alters to worship the humpbacks and sperm whales.

Step eight

Be sure to defend all the animals there is because they're all harmless, sweet, defenseless little animals. Because only humans would eat the animals.

Step nine

Be a hypocrite.

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