Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why Jesus’ sacrifice makes no sense.

Why Jesus’ sacrifice makes no sense.

Let me start off by saying that Jesus knew he was going to be betrayed by Judas, be denied three times by Peter, be nailed to a cross, and rise three days later and ascend into Heaven.

But. The question I ask is, why?

I know he wanted to, “save mankind from his father’s wrath by dying for your sin.” But again, why?

This God doesn’t strike to me as an all loving, all merciful, and all powerful because he has doomed mankind with sin because some girl ate a fruit. That alone from the beginning was reason enough for me to stray from a God, if he did exist.

“I think I’ll go create a man and a woman. Then put a tree with fruit in the Garden. Then tell them not to eat it.” Of course, some Christians tells me this was a test. He knows they will eat the fruit.
“And then while they eat it, I will get really angry and doom mankind. Yep. That’ll be a perfect way for things to go.”

But he didn’t know Adam and Eve ate the fruit, or Satan tempted them. Christians tells me he does know because he is all knowing. Sounds like he wanted mankind to sin so he can get pissed off.

“Son. Eat the chocolate bar so I can punish you.”

This is contradiction in on itself. This is Completely screwed up.

Now back to the point, Jesus, is a son of God, or God himself, or just man. I don’t know which ones the Christians believes about Jesus.

Jesus didn’t remain dead, he rises back to life. So where was the sacrifice? He no longer died, he just simply allows people to kill him and rises three days later.

Also, I might add that Jesus wasn’t arrested and killed because the Jews wanted him dead, Jesus wanted them to do it. Jews, if this were true, are blameless. And yet people call the Jews Christ killers. Jesus committed suicide. He committed suicide because he wanted to die. He knew he was going to die AND is willing to allow this.

Think for the minute why he allows the Romans to crucify him. The Jews calls him a blasphemer, because Jesus says he was the son of God. People said he can heal the sick, raise the dead. But when asked, Jesus refuses. Why? Why die for people who didn’t ask for it?

Why not simply forgive, and all be fine?

And since he “died for our sins,” people today are still sinning and people are prosecuting them or getting all, “That’s a bad thing, sin, oh evil thing, nasty, kill the …” you know what I mean? So even when jesus dies for our sin, people acts as though this story didn’t Happen. Hmmm.

If Jesus dies for your sin, then why are we making a big deal about people “sinning?” It’s over with, done, the end. But people still persistently acts the same way after his death. So much for, “Dying for our sins.” It must mean nothing then.

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