Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a new look at hell

An atheist died and went to heaven and was met by Saint Peter at the gate. St. Peter looked at the atheist and said I'm very sorry you can't come in here this is not you're place. Why don't you go downstairs you'll like it there better anyway there's more people like you.
So then the atheist went "downstairs" to Hell and nervously entered the gates only to find a beautiful scene before him. The sky was blue there was green grass and rolling hills and shady trees laughing brooks people laughing and talking and families having picnics and a very beautiful man in a crisp white suit came up to the Pagan and said "Hi, I am Lucifer and if there is anything you need please don't hesitate to ask. We are here to serve." Wow thought the atheist! But before he could respond the skies darkened the ground thunders and cracks open and sooty flames shoot up just as a person comes falling out of the sky and lands inside. Then the ground closed up and the sky clears and everything is good again. Shaken the atheist asks Lucifer, " What was that?!" Lucifer shakes his head sadly, and replies " That was a Christian. They won't have Hell any other way!"

why atheism is better than religion.

1) We follow the better moral code.

Christian code is to believe in God or burn in hell, opress women, own slaves, kill heretics, and dash infants onto the ground.

Atheists do not do that. We believe murder is wrong and we always knew that long before religion itself, we knew that adultery is wrong, we knew rape was wrong, we knew hatred and prejudice is uncalled for.

To say atheists are immoral because you need God to be moral is like saying, "I want to kill someone but i fear hell. But unfortunately they kill, opress, enslave, torture, torment, and abuse people for centuries. Christianity and many other religions kills in the name of God.

Atheists do not kill in the name of atheism.

Let's say you and your family go out to enjoy a weekend at the zoo. People goes there to enjoy looking at animals, but suppose some crooks opens up the cages to let out the animals, vandalize the property, harass people. Does that sound like fun to you? If you know that it was wrong, you would realize this isn't because of God, this is because you understood that vandalism is wrong, harassing people hurts people, and unleashing animals on us is cruel and fatal.

2) Prayers is a waste of time.

Because of seculars, we developed medicene, science to explain things, and rational judgments for many things, we made the society a better place to live in. To say you need religion to make a better society, take a look at what happened in aztec religion. They killed thousands of people for their gods, sacrificed them so that the sun would rise and the rain would fall. Christianity has inquisitions, crusades, holy wars, witch hunts and so on. Muslims have killed as well. Religion does not make society a better place.

As for prayers, it never worked. Because we ignore prayers, we have made progress to surviving diseases by medicine, helping people in poverty, and so on. Religion prays because they think we can't do anything on our own. We should be able to do things on our own because we can. We also want to do things on our own.

3) fairy tales is over, time to wake up.

We can't keep on imagining demons and angels when there is so much to do and no credible, concrete evidence that they exist. Enough with the faith healings because if they worked, then hospitals and doctors are no longer needed. We can't talk to the dead, there is no astrology, and there is no psychics. Wanna believe them, fine but stop shoving those beliefs down our throats because we may not believe them because there is no concrete evidence.

why christianity is false

exorcism is false because for thousands of years, people could never understand why people behavior strangely, they can't tell that they are hearing things or seeing things that aren't there, they do not know mental illness, and today they still believe this. Christianity is so very backward.

their homophobia is so irrational because they fear what they do not understand and they think homosexuality is wrong because procreation is important, they think heterosexuality is the "Norm" and that homosexuals are child molesters. They are very wrong.

Their sexism is irrational. Despite the women teaching, having authority over men, and speaking in church, the bible strongly thinks women are inferior, stupid, and are possessions than humans. Why do women believe in God when the same God seems them as objects?

God endorses slavery. We knew slavery is wrong but God expects us to keep slaves. If Christianity is a moral religion, then i fail to see it. Christianity is a blind, pro slavery, sexist, homophobic, backward, primitive religion that should be thrown away.

The story of Jesus is copied off from other religions. the rest of the old testament is made up as well for there is no concrete evidence that any of it exists.

Christians inspires violence: Inquisitions, crusades, holy wars, witch hunts, and so on. All of these in the name of God. Christianity is also monstrous.

If God is all loving, all powerful, all knowing, then the Christianity and the Bible is not devoted to that God but that of an evil God. If there is an all loving, all powerful, all knowing God, then why is there such evil? to proclaim that God is blameless, then why hasn't God done anything about it? To say he did is a lie obviously, to say he entrusts us to deal with it makes him a coward, to say he can't is to say he isn't all powerful then. The doctrine of Christianity is false, Christians are blind, and God is imaginary.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jesus is a copy of another man

As i watched the rivals of jesus on youtube, i notice a man with similar powers as jesus, also born miraculously, but he dies of old age, and descends to heaven by choir. The christians uses that man and makes their own Jesus Christ. Maybe the reason Jesus does not answer was because he was just an image of the other man. I don't know his name but it starts with an A.

This is one that shows Christianity is just a cop out from other religions. They stole other religions stories and claims it was true religion. Also, many stories of people in the past seems to bve, if any of them truly exists, seem to rival to what Jesus is as the messiah, God, son of God, and so on. also some of the rivals share similar parts to Jesus, which makes it complicated. Are any of them true? Who knows, but one thing for sure, Jesus' story sure as hell ain't true, because many of Jesus' story is modeled by many other religious believers' stories. And not just that. The entire book the Bible is modeled and stories are stolen from many other religions stories. They claim it is all true.

This explains why we find no concrete evidence for any of the stories, especially Jesus'. It is all false and the doctrine of christianity is modeled from all other religions they heard of.

atheist bumper stickers

God is your auto pilot? No wonder there are many crashes.

Shut up, fasten your seat belts, and laugh at christians.

Don't pray for me, i'm happy being smarter than you.

My atheist son is smarter than your honor student.

Prayer in school? Why not food fight in church?

Come slam into me christians, it'll just prove my point!

And that's when God said HA!

My Flying spagetti monster can beat your God.

pitiful christians, Theory doesn't mean false. look it up.

my ancestors came from Ireland, England, France, and Germany, yours came from the imaginary God. HA!

Jesus said be like a child, but i say grow up!

God endorses Slavery, opresses women, and hates Gays, and you call us atheists immoral?

Fear rationality and intellect? You must be christians.

72 virgins? That's gonna be one big sore in the morning.

did you know Allah didn't say there's 72 virgin girls in paradise? What a disappointment! ha ha!

Jesus loves you and yet will send you to hell... wow, what a twisted form you call love.

If your child gets out of line, God said beat him with a rod as said in proverbs.

Women should have no authority over men because God said so! Atheists don't agree.

Jesus curses a fig tree and you call him your savior?!

God is imaginary because...

Hi, my name is Tim, and i am obviously an atheist. Today we're going to talk why God is imaginary.

God is imaginary because hating homosexuals is ridiculous and he never gave a single good reason to see homosexuals as bad. People of the first century must have no understanding about homosexuals. They wanted their god to hate gays because they fear them. That is like telling Daddy not to like brussels because you don't.

God is imaginary because the bible says we should opress women. long time ago the men thought women were their property, until in the 20th century i think. It is men who mistreats women so they made their God think like the kids in the movie little rascals.

God is imaginary because he likes slavery like men like sex. It is evil to own people and treat them like farm equipment. Why did God think it's ok? Because people long time ago thought so so they wanted their Gold to endorse slavery.

God is imaginary because he demands sacrifices. Why? If God is hungry he could feed himself. After all he is perfect. If he can't feed himself, then he ain't perfect. Therefore the people of ancient times are lunatics.

God is imaginary because the ten commandments are man made. If God is all knowing, all powerful, all loving, then he would not care if we 1) worship other gods, 2) Draw pictures 3) say his name in vain, 4 work on the sabbath, or 10) desire one's possessions. But he does, and that doesn't make him all perfect being. It is silly for God to care about that because he is perfect! He created everything and needs nothing so why does he care? He is imaginary.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It is a sin to... be funny!

It is a sin to....

eat chicken on a friday because God said so. And Tim just made this part up.

Wear any kind of slogans on a shirt because it is the same as making graven images.

think for yourself because God wants you to be stupid.

disagree with religious leaders because they know they are bullshitting themselves.

take the bible metaphorically because God really wants you to have slaves, opress women and kill infidels.

call God names because religious believers don't like that.

praye to God for cure to all diseases because God won't do it!

be happy because God wants you to suffer

be sad because God and Jesus wants to "Save" you.

not be prejudice with reason, you must hate all for no reason at all.

not treat women as objects because God hates women.

free the slaves because God expects you to keep slaves

have intellect, rationality, and curiousity because it would draw you away from the delusional bubble.

worship other Gods because God hates vishnu and Buddha for their intellect.

make jokes about Sin like Tim is doing now, but i won't kill him because i rather be "Mysterious"

ask God to make appearence because God wants people to disbelieve in him.

watch Penn and Teller bullshit because God hates their Guts and can't do anything about it because he knows they are right.

call mother teresa bullshit.

understand homosexuality, and other people you do not understand because God himself doesn't understand who they really are.

criticize God because God knows just how bullshit he is.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

God hates pretty much everything.

It's a funny thought because, if God exists, and he indeed create the universe, you would think he would created only the things he would love or didn't care much for it personally. Instead, i keep getting the vibe from all Christians that God hates this and God hates that. So ironically, God is supposed to have created everything, knows all and can do whatever he wants. Unfortunately, he seems to have a hatred that makes no sense whatsoever. Here they are.

God hates Gays

(Clearly, this is believed because the Bible said it's an abomination. But seriously, why is it an abomination? Many Christians say that a man and a woman is created so they can procreate. It's really all about procreation rather than personal feelings instead. God seems to not like personal feelings because he much rather have procreation. I guess he's a heterosexual porn lover or a very depressed Homo who had horrible flings with some of the Angels he is living with.)

God hates Pigs

(Well technically, he prefers unblemished meat like the Lambs or goats or some cattles. He also does not seem to like pigs because it's unclean. I supposed it's because he thought the mud and filth they're in must have absorbed into the flesh. But that is ridiculous)

God hates deaf people

(Well not technically, this was told to me by some moron who was just being an asshole to me. So i thought it might be funny to tell you this)

God hates amputees

(Why? Because God refuses to regrow their lost limbs when prayed to. Clearly, if God exists, can answer prayers, loves us all, and nothing is impossible for him, why wouldn't he heal amputees?)

God hates sex

(Sex. Anything to do with sex, any sexual activity is something God hates because God is a stupid, idiotic jerk who probably like some lonely guy who hangs around proms and just hates to see everybody having fun. Christians believes it's the temptation of the devil. Ironically, if nobody procreates, then human race would die out. I wonder if that was on their agenda?)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

why i don't believe in god or any gods.

1) The bible has more contradictions than the chinese phone book.

2) There is no evidence whatsoever to prove that there had been a "Great flood" or anything said in the bible or any religious scriptures.

3) Gods and believers are violent. There are violent wars rather than peace for thousands of years. Christianity is no different. all the atrocity like human sacrifices (Yes even Christians has them), killing people for insane reasons and those who hadn't done them any harm, and frightening their children into believing in hell and fearing their deities.

4) Every time i asked where is the proof, i get "You need to have blind faith" "Read the bible" "There has been proof of miracles everywhere." Nope, nope, oh and nope!

5) There are thousands of Gods, which one is true? Answer? none of them are true because none of them have been proven at all!

6) People who believes in gods and/or devils delude themselves with some fairy tale miracle and some demonic possessions.

7) All the "Demonic possessions" are bull. Here are some things that are said, "Anyone who acts strangely, or not themselves anymore, blind, deaf, mute, mentally ill, or having delusional thoughts are possessed by demons." There is no proof of that!

8) The religions have been around for centuries right? So does anyone not notice that it's been believed by people who knows nothing of what we know today? And yet, we follow their religion! This world has gone mad! You don't even need to wonder what the world of Alice in wonderland is like because we're all in it! more like Alice in wonderland with chainsaw massacre mixed.

9) God is love? Yeah, drowning babies and allowing millions of starving children to die each year, allowing pedophilia to exist, and much more. yeah. God is love. Can you say "bullshit?" God is all knowing. Does he know anything about homosexuals? Of course not. Does he know slavery is wrong? Of course not. Does he know jack diddly shit? Of course not! God is not all powerful either and if he is, he is utterly evil!

10) i find atheism to be the sanest thing alive today. in fact the only sane one today.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

atheist forever

What made has made me become an atheist? No, it's not the devil or anything supernatural. Rather, i find Christianity to be manipulative, deceiving, packed with lies and has a history of insane violent wars and intiquistions over harmless people. Plus i have questioned the existence of their God and Jesus Christ. I find that they have no evidence of their existence, these christians, and just said we have to just believe in blind faith. How am i to do that? Are you telling me we had to be stupid and only believe in it just because ? Christians runs around bashes gays and non believers when they have done them no harm. I've asked about why Homosexuals are dispised. "Because the bible said so duh!" is the response i get from every damn christian there is. I have learned of homosexuals by books and interactions. I find them no way to be bad or wrong. They're just people living their life as everyone else.

When i have been going to schools, i had heard, "The bible said slavery is ok" when i read about slavery in america. And i also found that women were mistreated because of the things in the bible, "Women are weak inferior specie whom must be kept silent and i forbid her to teach or have any athurioty over men." Not onlt repulsive but stupid too. Women are frightening when they're mad. And the bible expects me to silent them?

I've heard of this left handed people and people who are handicapped are possessed by devils. Can they be getting any more delusional?

I've read many books "A letter to a christian Nation" by Sam Harris. I even listened to the End of Faith through Audio books including "God is not Grat: how religion poisons everything." "God Delusion" "Misqouting Jesus" "Letting go of God by Julia Sweeney" and i read more atheistic books like "Honest Doubt" "Case against christianity" "Atheist Manifesto" "Breaking the spell" and such. All these Atheists make far more sense than i can ever imagine.

I've learned so much in science, biology, and i did learn little bit about chemistry. I even know Evolution as well so i knew, religion is false. This is why i am an atheist and will forever be an atheist.