Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Let me define morality in Christians term; Believe God, or be damned to hell. They also believe that they have to shove their belief down people's throat in order to "save their soul" which is the most asinine idea. The Christians believes that without God, there can be no morality. Which brings up to this point.

God's definition of morality is you have to believe in God, you have to not engage into any consensual activity between adults, you should not be homosexual, in other words, you can't take control of your own life. But that is not all; in the Bible it advocates violence against another while saying you should not murder, also advocates prejudice while also saying you should not judge and to love your neighbor, it advocates sacrifices, misogyny, slavery, putting people to death for victimless crimes such as disbelief, drawing images, witchcraft, disobedience from children, and more. This is the idea of God's morality, but the irony is, Christians don't follow it while in the same time, they say God is moral.

Here is something people may overlook; Christians who claims that they are peaceful and that they believe God is moral, they also attack schools for teaching evolution. They believe it is the work of the devil trying to lead children away from God. While there is no evidence of the devil or the attempt to convert children to atheism, they forget that education is about teaching facts, not fantasy. The reason Creationism is purely fantasy, is because they claim that the earth is 6000 years old and two humans come from the Garden with a magical tree and a talking snake and a hand of an invisible god. It also indicated that the Grand Canyon is made in few days during the world wide flood. First off, there is no evidence of the world wide flood and you can't possibly make a Grand Canyon in few days with powerful blast from water.

They also attack Abortion clinics because they believe Abortion is murder. Abortion is a hideous thing to be sure, but not worth bombing. These doctors are not getting off on slaughtering unborn babies, nor were the pregnant women. A blastocyst is a collection of cells, not fully human. It has no brains or neurons. There is no reason to bomb abortion clinics and it only shows how religion hurts more than helps.

They also attack atheists and homosexuals because they are what religious believers uses the term, "Sinner" which is only because God says it is. Christians don't seem to mind that their God wants to mindlessly hate gays and non believers and will mindlessly follow him unconditionally. It's terrifying, absolutely terrifying. "I don't hate them, God hates them." is the word from a Christians. This is the terrifying thing to hear. It shows she will do anything she thinks God hates regardless of her own judgment. I would love to give Christians a piece of advice, "Think for yourself, before mindlessly attacking harmless people with deluded paranoia and fable myths, and do some research (Not the Bible) people." But that will never happen.

Morality is very complex and not something that is set in stones. Everybody has their own ideas about what is moral. The problem is, when it comes to debating about morality, Christians covers their ears because they strongly believe they are moral and all others are not.

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