Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wearing socks with sandals

"Oh i don't like them beacuse .... because.... because... " Well they got nothing.

Why do i wear socks with sandals? Well, in a hot summer time, it makes you sweat even at your feet. So why do we wear them? Because it's comfortable, because the socks keeps the sandals from flying off when sweaty or feeling slippery inside the soles, and the best thing is, it's fine!

So anyone wiuth that kind of problem... i pity them.

Japanese wears socks with sandals, and i do it too, even though i'm not Japanese. Oh sure, they don't wear them much now, but back then, it was fashinable.

I really don't get why people have a problem with socks with sandals. I think it's just not really a big deal.

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