Sunday, May 2, 2010

the intense stupidity of people.

it's like this; people takes things too seriously like pictures on the internet, tv shows and videos games and the like. There is this one picture of a kitten who fell into the toilet, the owner felt that it is funny to take a picture. They may have scooped out the kitten and dried it up. No harm done. And yet, people flips out like total retards and go, "Oh that is offensive, you're abusive, you're a cruel animal nazi, how would you like it if i flush you down the toilet" that sort of stuff. Why are they that stupid? Because they took it too seriously and totally made judgments on the person who took the picture.

1) There was no abuse of any kind there.

It is very likely that the kitten fell in on their own. (But how did the kitten get on the toilet?) like likely that the kitten either jumped pretty high, climbed up on some cloth and got onto the sink and then to the toilet. Cats are very curious creatures, so i'm not surprised that a kitten would have fell into the toilet. Just keep it closed.

2) No one actually flushed the kitten, otherwise, the kitten would have been killed.

3) We have no idea how long the kitten has been there, so let's not assume they left it there to suffer.

4) every picture that was made, it is just to be humorous or cute. No one would truly harm the animal. Want to know who harms the animals the most? Watch america's home videos or some shows like that.

So the thing is, these idiots cannot be reasoned with, they rather live in their delusional bubble that everything they think of is correct. They do not wish to learn anything and to realize anything that is factual. That is why they're so intensely stupid.

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