Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why i hate Arizona

1) The heat is dry and the rain hardly ever shows up to cool the heat down. It can get 120 degrees high or more in August, just over hundred in June or July. That is enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk and to roast your turkey on the street. It'll be like walking in the oven that is turned on 450 degrees. It's difficult to enjoy walking outside during the summer and you need to bring in some shades like umbrellas or hats. It can be difficult to breathe here when it's at its hottest. Every time I come back inside some building, i felt like i was cooked.

2) Construction workers are assholes because they closed off countless of lanes, sidewalks and streets underneath the highway. They don't just cut it off, they leave it like that for as long as i can remember. They never work on one site and finish it quickly, they work on one site, go to the next, take a week or two off and then return to a different site leaving everything undone for a very long ass time.

3) Utility bills are beyond outrageous! I had to pay over 300 dollars on the utility alone just for living in a tiny studio apartment. I wanted to shove a spiked bat up those assholes' ass!

4) In Arizona, you can just forget being rich! You can never have a job that pays well. Even if you manage to get a good pay, employers will just look for a way to fire your ass just so that they don't have to pay you. Apartment rents are insane and everything is so damn expensive here. This state is so not worth living in.

5) It's a desert that hardly has any decent cities around and when there are towns or cities, they're small and are far apart from each other.

6) Dust storm, nuff said.

7) Inconsiderate police officers who also kills people who poses a insignificant threat to them.

8) From where i am now, there's a bus stop three miles away, no apartments saved one but that is damn near expensive and hardly any decent job opportunities.

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