Tuesday, September 22, 2009

subjective morality and moral dilemma

Subjective morality

Each and every individual has their own moral concept of what is good and what is bad and that can be from empathizing with others, experiences, learnings, and such. However, some people can think one thing is moral while another disagrees.

For instance; let’s just say that a man comes into the boy’s house, kills all his family except him, and he goes out to seek revenge. One may say, “He is right to do it because what the killer did was wrong.” Another may say, “He should not do it.”

Both of these are neither right nor wrong. The reason is this; morality is not absolute and no one can be absolutely right on what is moral or not.

Let’s look at another scenario; if a man in the attic along with many other people is hiding from bad people, the baby is crying his head off. This man kills the baby to silence it. One may say, “He only did it to keep them from knowing where they are.”

Another may say, “This is wrong.” Again, neither is right nor wrong because in this situation, it is never an easy answer to make, no matter how hard you pretend it isn’t hard. This is a moral dilemma.

The whole point is, everyone has their own idea of what is moral or isn’t. But sometimes, some believes that morality comes from a deity. But even so, we no longer own slaves, even though the bible clearly states that we can keep slaves.

Another is that we must murder another that breaks the laws that their God has set down to humanity. This shows that people no longer holds the religious teachings as literal but metaphorically. This is because they disagree with the deity.

This is why people make their own moral judgment based on what they think is right or wrong. Even the bad dictators do not think they are bad because they thought they were doing what they thought was right. Don’t get me wrong.

I have no intention of defending them, I’m just giving them the benefit of the doubt. I do not think that Hitler was sitting down cackling like a madman saying, “It’s fun.”

Like with the scenarios I presented, one thinks another was right to do something, another is thinks they were wrong to do it.

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