Friday, January 15, 2010

Free Will

The Free Will

Often times I have heard Christians say that if God intervened and stopped crimes or natural disasters or has healed people, then it would be taking away our free will.

I disagree strongly with this.

If you say a child running into the street chasing after a ball and the car is coming up, would it be taking away the child’s free will if you were to save that child’s life?

If a young girl was being drug into some shady guy’s car screaming and pleading for him not to hurt her, would it be against her free will if you save her life?

If a man who is a cashier was held at gunpoint at a grocery store and the guy demands cash, would it be against their free will if the police intervenes?

If there is a tornado coming, an old woman is walking in her crutches outside, would it be taking away her free will if you help get her to safety?

This is about helping people and showing that you care about them. If the God, who is supposed to be all loving, exists, wouldn’t he do that?

If we did nothing to help people, it would be callous of us. Why wouldn’t it be the same with their God?

If the God exists and appears before me, I doubt my free will would have been taken away. We may even have a chat just like with any other person.

If the God stops me from walking into the street where there is a car driving out of control and at high speed, my free will is not taken. This is no different if it is another human who stops me.

People intervenes all the time, helping people or maybe even hurt them, so it is not really taking away free will, intervening is no different from simply interacting with other people.

People counsels other people (Counselors, psychiatrists), takes care of people (Doctors, caregivers, nurses and the like), some protects people (police, guards, parents, military and the like),

Some help people from overseas (Doctors without borders, people who donates to help people) and many more.

But there are hardened criminals, there are natural disasters that takes lives of the unfortunates including the diseases.

Some Christians likes to say, “When people do those things, there is no reason for God to intervene.”

But the God is the one who brought the problems onto us in the first place. This is like letting wolves come into your house and devour your family.

I’m not saying that life should be all rainbows and ponies, but where is the sense in allowing people to kidnap, rape, murder, torture or molest people?

Where is the sense in allowing thousands to die in earthquakes, Tsunamis, hurricanes or tornadoes?

Where is the sense in allowing children to die of cancer, people to die of AIDs, or any other diseases?

If one were to say, “So we can relate to the experience of others’ suffering,” then I would say that this person is a sick, twisted individual.

Why make them suffer and then make others suffer in order to relate to the suffering?

So if I were to take a knife, cut up a little girl’s arm and leave her to bleed, and do the same to another girl just so she can experience what the other girl experienced, does that sound reasonable to you?

Does that make any sense whatsoever?

No. That would make me a monster. Thus, Christians who says that, considers their God a monster themselves. What’s even worse, they don’t mind it!

Where is the sense in all this? This also doesn’t sound like he wasn’t intervening because he was concerned for our free will, he was being a sadistic person who enjoys sufferings.

Some Christians may say, “God works through doctors.”

So he does intervene, but through doctors. Why? What’s the point of all this?

If God wants to help people find cures and to save lives, then why did he make the problems happen in the first place? I thought he doesn’t intervene.

Some Christians likes to put the blame on Satan, “Satan does those evil things, God does not!”

Then why did the Bible say God created peace and evil? He said, “Who created evil, but I the lord your God, does all of these things.”

Your God created everything right? If he created everything, he created evil too. So your God is responsible for this.

So here’s the summary for all this:

1) Your God does not intervene because it would take away our free will.
2) Satan does the evil things, but God created everything, including evil.
3) God does intervene (Which makes it a contradiction on their part) through doctors.
4) God makes people suffer so that they can relate to other people’s suffering.

So overall, God created everything, including evil, does and does not intervene and has allowed people to suffer so they can relate to the people he has made them suffer in the first place.

Yet God is an all loving, all knowing, all powerful God who loves us all but will send us to hell because of Sin. God doesn’t want us to go to hell and allows us to make a choice.

The choice is this: if we follow Christ, we’ll go to Heaven, but if we don’t, we’ll burn in hell forever. Does any of this make any sense to you?

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