Thursday, May 6, 2010

environmentalists are wrong.

I've been hearing this, "We're destroying the planet, we won't have any water, air, food and other resources left, we're causing a global warming, etc, etc." Truth be told, they couldn't be more wrong.

How do i know this? The environmentalists were just using scare tactics and trying to get a rise out of people. I'm not saying that we're all perfectly fine, i'm saying that we're not losing resources. We're gaining more resources, we're planting new trees, and food is abundant. Sure, right now the economy is in trouble, but that happens all the time. It'll get back up later on.

As for the global warming, we're just not sure yet. We don't have the accurate information to be sure that we're going to have a global warming.

The air is never going to be a problem because trees gives off oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide. We breathe out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen.

as for the water, it's vast and it still covers the large percentage of the earth's mass. We're fine on that.

Also, the animal extinction happens all the time, it's mother nature. We're all going to die off, but new species will continue to grow. our ancestors have died off, but we are living right now. There is a very good chance that a new species of hominids will rise in the place of homo sapiens. Are we responsible for the extinction of animals? Not so much really. Animals die off all the time regardless of human intervention.

Again, i am not saying, "Everything is cool, we're all perfectly ok!" Because we're not. I'm pretty sure that the problems we have are huge, but there are people today who are trying to solve the problems.

Humans are not evil and they're not all for just profit and being ignorant of the world we live in. Sure, some are just in it for the profit, but a lot of people care about earth too. It's good to want to help the earth, let's not try and be treating humanity as demons who seeks only destruction. That's pure bullshit.

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