Saturday, January 23, 2010

i don't like bowling or golf.

here's my reasons for both of the golf and bowling:

1) They're boring.

2) They are not exciting as people makes it out to be.

One thing i don't like about bowling is the gutters. Everytime i bowl, my stupid ball keeps going into the fucking gutter more times than hitting the fucking pins. I wanted to grab a shotgun and shoot the motherfucking pins.

No, it's not because i wanted to win, it's because i can hardly enjoy bowling when the ball keeps going to the gutter too many times.

One thing i don't like about Golf is that it is a stressful game. I don't like stressful games. Why is it stressful? Try fucking getting your ball to the fucking path where you wanted it to go. Fuck that shit.

Again, it's not about the winning. I don't give a fuck when i win or lose, i just can't have fun when the ball goes the wrong way you wanted it to.

I'm just not a bowler type or a golfer type. I'm a type of guy who writes stuff, debates people, I like to make animations and little movies like with the Sims, i like to travel places but i am not a sports type, unless you count Kendo and martial arts. Those are the ones i like best.

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