Saturday, March 15, 2008

atheist forever

What made has made me become an atheist? No, it's not the devil or anything supernatural. Rather, i find Christianity to be manipulative, deceiving, packed with lies and has a history of insane violent wars and intiquistions over harmless people. Plus i have questioned the existence of their God and Jesus Christ. I find that they have no evidence of their existence, these christians, and just said we have to just believe in blind faith. How am i to do that? Are you telling me we had to be stupid and only believe in it just because ? Christians runs around bashes gays and non believers when they have done them no harm. I've asked about why Homosexuals are dispised. "Because the bible said so duh!" is the response i get from every damn christian there is. I have learned of homosexuals by books and interactions. I find them no way to be bad or wrong. They're just people living their life as everyone else.

When i have been going to schools, i had heard, "The bible said slavery is ok" when i read about slavery in america. And i also found that women were mistreated because of the things in the bible, "Women are weak inferior specie whom must be kept silent and i forbid her to teach or have any athurioty over men." Not onlt repulsive but stupid too. Women are frightening when they're mad. And the bible expects me to silent them?

I've heard of this left handed people and people who are handicapped are possessed by devils. Can they be getting any more delusional?

I've read many books "A letter to a christian Nation" by Sam Harris. I even listened to the End of Faith through Audio books including "God is not Grat: how religion poisons everything." "God Delusion" "Misqouting Jesus" "Letting go of God by Julia Sweeney" and i read more atheistic books like "Honest Doubt" "Case against christianity" "Atheist Manifesto" "Breaking the spell" and such. All these Atheists make far more sense than i can ever imagine.

I've learned so much in science, biology, and i did learn little bit about chemistry. I even know Evolution as well so i knew, religion is false. This is why i am an atheist and will forever be an atheist.

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