Thursday, March 20, 2008

why i don't believe in god or any gods.

1) The bible has more contradictions than the chinese phone book.

2) There is no evidence whatsoever to prove that there had been a "Great flood" or anything said in the bible or any religious scriptures.

3) Gods and believers are violent. There are violent wars rather than peace for thousands of years. Christianity is no different. all the atrocity like human sacrifices (Yes even Christians has them), killing people for insane reasons and those who hadn't done them any harm, and frightening their children into believing in hell and fearing their deities.

4) Every time i asked where is the proof, i get "You need to have blind faith" "Read the bible" "There has been proof of miracles everywhere." Nope, nope, oh and nope!

5) There are thousands of Gods, which one is true? Answer? none of them are true because none of them have been proven at all!

6) People who believes in gods and/or devils delude themselves with some fairy tale miracle and some demonic possessions.

7) All the "Demonic possessions" are bull. Here are some things that are said, "Anyone who acts strangely, or not themselves anymore, blind, deaf, mute, mentally ill, or having delusional thoughts are possessed by demons." There is no proof of that!

8) The religions have been around for centuries right? So does anyone not notice that it's been believed by people who knows nothing of what we know today? And yet, we follow their religion! This world has gone mad! You don't even need to wonder what the world of Alice in wonderland is like because we're all in it! more like Alice in wonderland with chainsaw massacre mixed.

9) God is love? Yeah, drowning babies and allowing millions of starving children to die each year, allowing pedophilia to exist, and much more. yeah. God is love. Can you say "bullshit?" God is all knowing. Does he know anything about homosexuals? Of course not. Does he know slavery is wrong? Of course not. Does he know jack diddly shit? Of course not! God is not all powerful either and if he is, he is utterly evil!

10) i find atheism to be the sanest thing alive today. in fact the only sane one today.

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