Friday, March 28, 2008

It is a sin to... be funny!

It is a sin to....

eat chicken on a friday because God said so. And Tim just made this part up.

Wear any kind of slogans on a shirt because it is the same as making graven images.

think for yourself because God wants you to be stupid.

disagree with religious leaders because they know they are bullshitting themselves.

take the bible metaphorically because God really wants you to have slaves, opress women and kill infidels.

call God names because religious believers don't like that.

praye to God for cure to all diseases because God won't do it!

be happy because God wants you to suffer

be sad because God and Jesus wants to "Save" you.

not be prejudice with reason, you must hate all for no reason at all.

not treat women as objects because God hates women.

free the slaves because God expects you to keep slaves

have intellect, rationality, and curiousity because it would draw you away from the delusional bubble.

worship other Gods because God hates vishnu and Buddha for their intellect.

make jokes about Sin like Tim is doing now, but i won't kill him because i rather be "Mysterious"

ask God to make appearence because God wants people to disbelieve in him.

watch Penn and Teller bullshit because God hates their Guts and can't do anything about it because he knows they are right.

call mother teresa bullshit.

understand homosexuality, and other people you do not understand because God himself doesn't understand who they really are.

criticize God because God knows just how bullshit he is.

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