Tuesday, October 14, 2008

God is imaginary because...

Hi, my name is Tim, and i am obviously an atheist. Today we're going to talk why God is imaginary.

God is imaginary because hating homosexuals is ridiculous and he never gave a single good reason to see homosexuals as bad. People of the first century must have no understanding about homosexuals. They wanted their god to hate gays because they fear them. That is like telling Daddy not to like brussels because you don't.

God is imaginary because the bible says we should opress women. long time ago the men thought women were their property, until in the 20th century i think. It is men who mistreats women so they made their God think like the kids in the movie little rascals.

God is imaginary because he likes slavery like men like sex. It is evil to own people and treat them like farm equipment. Why did God think it's ok? Because people long time ago thought so so they wanted their Gold to endorse slavery.

God is imaginary because he demands sacrifices. Why? If God is hungry he could feed himself. After all he is perfect. If he can't feed himself, then he ain't perfect. Therefore the people of ancient times are lunatics.

God is imaginary because the ten commandments are man made. If God is all knowing, all powerful, all loving, then he would not care if we 1) worship other gods, 2) Draw pictures 3) say his name in vain, 4 work on the sabbath, or 10) desire one's possessions. But he does, and that doesn't make him all perfect being. It is silly for God to care about that because he is perfect! He created everything and needs nothing so why does he care? He is imaginary.

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