Tuesday, October 14, 2008

atheist bumper stickers

God is your auto pilot? No wonder there are many crashes.

Shut up, fasten your seat belts, and laugh at christians.

Don't pray for me, i'm happy being smarter than you.

My atheist son is smarter than your honor student.

Prayer in school? Why not food fight in church?

Come slam into me christians, it'll just prove my point!

And that's when God said HA!

My Flying spagetti monster can beat your God.

pitiful christians, Theory doesn't mean false. look it up.

my ancestors came from Ireland, England, France, and Germany, yours came from the imaginary God. HA!

Jesus said be like a child, but i say grow up!

God endorses Slavery, opresses women, and hates Gays, and you call us atheists immoral?

Fear rationality and intellect? You must be christians.

72 virgins? That's gonna be one big sore in the morning.

did you know Allah didn't say there's 72 virgin girls in paradise? What a disappointment! ha ha!

Jesus loves you and yet will send you to hell... wow, what a twisted form you call love.

If your child gets out of line, God said beat him with a rod as said in proverbs.

Women should have no authority over men because God said so! Atheists don't agree.

Jesus curses a fig tree and you call him your savior?!

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