Wednesday, October 15, 2008

why atheism is better than religion.

1) We follow the better moral code.

Christian code is to believe in God or burn in hell, opress women, own slaves, kill heretics, and dash infants onto the ground.

Atheists do not do that. We believe murder is wrong and we always knew that long before religion itself, we knew that adultery is wrong, we knew rape was wrong, we knew hatred and prejudice is uncalled for.

To say atheists are immoral because you need God to be moral is like saying, "I want to kill someone but i fear hell. But unfortunately they kill, opress, enslave, torture, torment, and abuse people for centuries. Christianity and many other religions kills in the name of God.

Atheists do not kill in the name of atheism.

Let's say you and your family go out to enjoy a weekend at the zoo. People goes there to enjoy looking at animals, but suppose some crooks opens up the cages to let out the animals, vandalize the property, harass people. Does that sound like fun to you? If you know that it was wrong, you would realize this isn't because of God, this is because you understood that vandalism is wrong, harassing people hurts people, and unleashing animals on us is cruel and fatal.

2) Prayers is a waste of time.

Because of seculars, we developed medicene, science to explain things, and rational judgments for many things, we made the society a better place to live in. To say you need religion to make a better society, take a look at what happened in aztec religion. They killed thousands of people for their gods, sacrificed them so that the sun would rise and the rain would fall. Christianity has inquisitions, crusades, holy wars, witch hunts and so on. Muslims have killed as well. Religion does not make society a better place.

As for prayers, it never worked. Because we ignore prayers, we have made progress to surviving diseases by medicine, helping people in poverty, and so on. Religion prays because they think we can't do anything on our own. We should be able to do things on our own because we can. We also want to do things on our own.

3) fairy tales is over, time to wake up.

We can't keep on imagining demons and angels when there is so much to do and no credible, concrete evidence that they exist. Enough with the faith healings because if they worked, then hospitals and doctors are no longer needed. We can't talk to the dead, there is no astrology, and there is no psychics. Wanna believe them, fine but stop shoving those beliefs down our throats because we may not believe them because there is no concrete evidence.

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