Wednesday, October 15, 2008

why christianity is false

exorcism is false because for thousands of years, people could never understand why people behavior strangely, they can't tell that they are hearing things or seeing things that aren't there, they do not know mental illness, and today they still believe this. Christianity is so very backward.

their homophobia is so irrational because they fear what they do not understand and they think homosexuality is wrong because procreation is important, they think heterosexuality is the "Norm" and that homosexuals are child molesters. They are very wrong.

Their sexism is irrational. Despite the women teaching, having authority over men, and speaking in church, the bible strongly thinks women are inferior, stupid, and are possessions than humans. Why do women believe in God when the same God seems them as objects?

God endorses slavery. We knew slavery is wrong but God expects us to keep slaves. If Christianity is a moral religion, then i fail to see it. Christianity is a blind, pro slavery, sexist, homophobic, backward, primitive religion that should be thrown away.

The story of Jesus is copied off from other religions. the rest of the old testament is made up as well for there is no concrete evidence that any of it exists.

Christians inspires violence: Inquisitions, crusades, holy wars, witch hunts, and so on. All of these in the name of God. Christianity is also monstrous.

If God is all loving, all powerful, all knowing, then the Christianity and the Bible is not devoted to that God but that of an evil God. If there is an all loving, all powerful, all knowing God, then why is there such evil? to proclaim that God is blameless, then why hasn't God done anything about it? To say he did is a lie obviously, to say he entrusts us to deal with it makes him a coward, to say he can't is to say he isn't all powerful then. The doctrine of Christianity is false, Christians are blind, and God is imaginary.

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