Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What atheism really is.

Atheists simply do not believe in the existence of a God or any gods. In fact, everybody in the world is an atheist in a certain term. Only difference is, i disbelieve in all of the Deities. Christians disbelieve in the existence of all other gods except their own, one religion after another, they disbelieve others religion and their deity as well.

I have noticed that some Christians believes that Atheists are violent people who wants to destroy religion and morality. This is ironic, because Christians themselves have been violently attacking evolution being taught in science classes, abortion clinics, gay clubs, and the atheists. As for the morality, it's rather amusing and quite bullshit to believe that atheists wants to destroy morality. What morality does one follow? Everybody has their own ideas about morality, only thing we can all agree on is murder is wrong, so is stealing, and abusing one another. However, some Christians believes that Morality comes from their God. The problem with that is, their God is as about as moral as Adolf Hitler.

Also, i was told by a christian that atheists have been wanting to kill Christians, which they believe was written in their books. I've read their books. There is not one shred of evidence of their desire to murder innocent people. This Christian clearly thinks when Sam Harris said, "We should abandon Religion," he means abandoning the notion of a magical sky daddy. He is not inducing some war on religion. Atheists do not wish to kill anyone. You can't kill someone in the name of Atheism. But apparently, Christians thinks you can. No, you can not. Atheism is not a religion, Atheism is not some group of criminals, they are people who disbelieve in a God. Christians madly tries to cover their ears about the violence done in the name of God, while point the finger of accusation against atheists. They point their finger at them, because they believe they lack morality.

Morality is not given by some divine interpretation or guidance, it is by human sympathy and personal experience. To say God is moral while making crusades, inquisitions, holy wars, witch hunts, and attacks on innocent people is not moral. Atheists does not do that. In fact, Atheists have no reason to want to harm people in the name of Atheism. It makes absolutely no sense. Disbelievers simply just disbelieve. Everything else is by personal affair.

I'm an atheist, and i do not wish to go harming another person, even my dad, who too is an atheist, does not wish harm onto another fellow human being.

I don't think religion has its uses in this world, but that does not mean i want Christians or other religious believers dead. Their religion is slowly dying out on its own, merely because of Christians themselves. I abandoned religion because of the Christians. But i never wish them harm. My grandparents and my great grandparents believes in the God, but i love them regardless. I personally do not care about what people believes in, as long as they do not harm another. That is why Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and other atheists are trying to say from the beginning. It's harmful, it's ridiculous, it's unnecessary, and more importantly it is bullshit.

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