Saturday, April 4, 2009

The critics

We hear about those critics who presents their reviews on pretty much everything. I know for a fact that everybody is a critic, not just some who are certified critic.

Everyone has their own views about everything, and to listen to someone else's review and believe them is a little stupid.

A critic is not some agent of human mind, or some absolute being who's always right. A critic who presents his review is just making his or her own opinion. Let's say for the movie, no critic who reviews the same movie would be the same. Including everyone who gave their own review on the Internet or magazines.

In a movie, people have different ideas about how it's supposed to be made. Some are more interested in the pictures like the visual effects more than the storyline for an example, and vice versa

For one example of this movie called Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the ring, i believe in my own opinion it is a good movie, great visual effect, and good storyline. However, another people who reviews might be more likely to say, "It doesn't follow the book entirely." others might not agree with the storyline or the visual effect it presented. the Critics is everybody. We all present our views, but it's fine to disagree and i do not think anybody should expect anyone to follow their point of view.

Now let's move on to a Hotel, inn, motels, or the likes. Each and everyone may agree it should be clean and at least friendly. But not many agrees with what should run in the hotels. Some might like the idea of pets in hotels or no pets, some might like a certain accent in a hotel. It's a matter of personal interest and lots of people are given choices of hotels they wish to stay. A critic who reviews the hotel will basically give a review based on their experience, their taste in things, and so on. However, it would not be the same experience as everyone else feel, and people like certain tastes in things like the decor, the food, and staff.

As for the restaurants, it's not the matter of fancy food, it's the matter of how it tastes. Every critic who makes their review are only human. And their tastes are not the same as everyone elses. And you don't need to have food that is the best, it's really the best if you like it personally.

there are other things people presents their reviews as well, but still, they're not absolute or better than anyone else.

It is good to have reviews of course, very interesting to hear what people may say, however, your own review may be different from another's review. It's all about personal interests, experience, taste, and belief. And everyone is different. People's review does not matter, it's your own review that matters to you.

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