Tuesday, April 7, 2009

If God exists, If he dictates the Bible PT .1

If God exists, which God is that? Christians says their God exists, but all are false. Muslims says, "Allah!", Hindus believe's it's Krishna, Biddhists believes it's Buddha, It could even be Zeus, Ra, Jupiter, or any other Gods.

Let's just say that the Christian God is the only god that exists. What kind of God is he? Christians claims he's all loving, all knowing, all powerful god. If that be the case, then that God sounds wonderful. But is that God from the Bible? Let's take a look at the Bible.

The Sexism in the Bible is all over the Bible. In it, women were not allowed to speak, or have authurity over men, or even teach. That means that Man can do whatever he wants with the woman, a woman can not be a teacher, and women can't be allowed to speak. However, in the Christian homes, Churches, schools, politics, authors, and so on all have many women speaking, having authroity, and teaching. Why is this? Because women fought against the sexism by men. They also are going against the Bible. But in a strange turn of event, many women believes in God, starts teaching about the Bible, and so on. It makes no sense to me because the Bible treats them like objects, Women fights against that, but embraces it.

The family values from the bible is warped and vile. In the old testament, we're supposed to beat our children with the rod, kill disobedient teenagers, silence our women for they're inferior. It even says if your brother, your father, your wife, or anyone tells you, "Let us go serve other gods." you are to kill them mercilessly. Also, in the new testament, Jesus stated that anyone who does not hate mother, father, brother sister, wife and children, and even himself cannot be my disciple. While also, the Bible clearly states we should honor thy mother and father as well as thou shalt not kill. This bible clearly makes the morality vague, warped, and dangerously twisted which resulted in many deaths of family members for religious reasons. Even children were beat for masturbating, for being gay, or disbelieving in a god, or anything that the bible says is wrong.

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