Monday, April 6, 2009

Trailer: Revolution for freethought the movie

(Message: the year 2020 The hate of Atheism grows)

(Music begins and slowly rises)

President: I do not believe that Atheists are recognized as US Citizens nor can they be considered patriots

man: There is a God and they are sinners against God.

Woman: Each and Every one of the Atheists are a threat. They want to destroy our morality, they want to destroy us!

Sam Harris: the fact that nearly half of the American population believes this, purely on the basis of religious dogma, should be considered a moral and intellectual emergency.

Amazing Atheist: There is no God!

(Message: America declares war against Atheists)

(Explosion in the desert)

Tim: They are against me! They are against you! Why? Because we don't believe in God!

(Gunfight in the jungle)

Priest: They are blasphemers! Kill them all! For God! For God! For God!

(A soldier gunned down in the Desert)

President: This scourge must stop!

Tim: Now!

(the sky is covered with jet fighters and explosions over the city)

Tim: They destroyed freedom. They destroyed everything. For what? for power and control.

(Suspense music heightens and the explosions, soldiers yelling, and the terrified faces of the injured people)

Fred Phelps: They will all burn in hell!

Penn Juliette: This is bullshit!

(Soldiers exploded)

young soldier: I'm scared sir.
Tim: Me too.

(Soldiers are yelling, many citizens are praying, crying or screaming and gunfire intensifies)

President: You are all terrorists!
Tim: prove it!

(More explosions)

Priest: God is real my son. And he will protect me from you.
Tim: (Kills him) Guess not.

(More soldiers yelling, more gunfire)

President: It is over.
Tim: (Bloody) no. It's just beginning. (Kicks him)

Osama: Kill all infidels!
(Muslims marches)

Priest: God loves us all, but these blasphemers walks the path with satan.

Tim: Men! We shall not fear them! We fight for honor! For democracy! For liberty! For the freedom for all! Let us take arms! They want control! They want to gain power! They have it now and now look what has happened!

(Battle intensifies)

Tim: Carve the words into your hearts! You are the man of liberty! You are the man of truth! Religion has corrupted lives of the innocents, they have killed before in the name of God. Now! Now is the time to stand! Now is the time to shape our stories! Live free to think for ourselves or live with the corruption and mind control! for free thought! For truth! Too long have religion turned people against each other! Too long has religion seperated mankind!

(The title shows up, the music dies down)

Tim: This is the revolution for freethought. Our founding fathers taught us the true meaning freedom. But these Christians? They forgotten the meaning of freedom. This is the Holy War. They all thought they were for good, but they forget one thing.

the bearded soldier: Sir?

Tim: (Turns to him) They kill out of hate. Out of fear. Does that make them good?

(The music intensifies. Tim fights a final fight with the samurai sword. The slashes across the screen, then goes black, the music dies)

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