Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why the Christian God is a monster

Many Christians will have you know that God is not a monster, that he is all loving, all merciful, all forgiving father god. The problem lies in the Bible and outside the Bible. Christians simply covers ears and claim God is "Not responsible for that." "That was Satan's doing," "God works in mysterious ways." and "God is punishing the wicked."

All of these have series of problems that do not match up.

God, in the Bible, has:

1) Flooded the world. Killing innocents, including babies.
2) Asks Abraham to murder his son, just to see if he'll do it for him.
3) Sends his own son, who is strangely himself, to be tortured and killed.
3) Has killed over tens of millions of innocent people.
4) He kills the firstborns of Egypt.
5) He sends down plagues, famine, war, poverty, disease, and death.
5) Sets down laws which all are ridiculous and vile. (I'll post it next)
6) Makes wagers with Satan to see if Job will remain loyal after destroying his life.
7) The Bible clearly shows God as a tyrant, liar, heartless, hypocritical, pro slavery, pro abortion, misogynist, homophobic, racist, commits infanticide, murderer, his reasoning is circular, his moral ethics is warped, clearly not all knowing, not all powerful, and most certainly not all loving, he contradicts himself, and is a coward for not showing himself to us today either.

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