Thursday, April 2, 2009

The problem of the ten commandments

From the problems of the Ten Commandments is that, people who wrote the Bible claims that Moses went up Mount Sinai to get commandments from the God. What got me suspicious is that Moses told people that only he is allowed to go up the mount Sinai and anyone else who goes up will die or something like that. That sounds like something a liar would cook up in order to keep people from realizing that he is a deceitful con artist. It makes absolutely no sense that people can’t go up the mount Sinai and have God tell them his laws himself. What’s wrong with that idea? What are those people hiding? I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtains.” Kind of talk from these religious folks.

Now, as for the Commandments, it was supposed to be a perfect moral law there is. But the first four has nothing to do with morality, it just has to do with pleasing a childish God.

Thou Shalt Have no other Gods before me.

That indicates that God wants what he wants, not what is best for people. He’s jealous and sounds like a jerk to me than a God worthy of praise and worship.

Thou shalt not make yourself graven images.

It seems to me that this God hates drawings, sculptures, anything that is art. But why? What does this have to do with morality? And doesn’t every Christian realize that everything is really Graven Images? Statues of Jesus, Statues of Virgin Mary, Statues of many religious icons, Religious arts on Candles, stained glass windows in Churches, I can go on. All of them is considered Graven Images. And every one of them who believes in the Bible, the Ten Commandments wants to put it everywhere. This is ironically stupid.

Thou shalt Not say the Lord’s name in Vain.

So if someone uses your name in Vain, it’s bad? Why is God so concerned on how people say things? Why would stuff like “God damnit” and “Jesus Christ” be so unsettling to them? We humans can take the offensiveness, but it seems that God can’t. I bet he even cannot take a Joke either.

Thou shalt Remember the Sabbath Day and to keep it Holy.

So that means we can’t do anything on the Sabbath day. But that means patients can’t be taken care of, Criminals can take advantage of that day because of no police work, people all over the world would have to stop working. But to do that, would destroy many things, it would be disastrous. I don’t even understand why we have to stop working on the Sabbath day, it seems to me that this God isn’t all knowing or intelligent. If he exists, and is all knowing, then he would not say remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

There are couple of other things that has nothing to do with morality, or at least complicates the perspective of what is moral in these terms.

Honor thy father and thy mother.

Honor and respect has to be earned. You don’t need to just honor someone of authority, just because they have responsibility over you. Some can be good, some are bad, so not all can be honored.

Thou shall not kill.

Now this is what I was just saying earlier. The perspective of the moral issue here is, you cannot murder for profit, passion, or compulsiveness. But when it comes to protecting your fellow man, yourself, your country, you can take the life of those who threatens to kill.

Also, the problem of this Commandment is, Christians and all other Religious believers murders innocent people for their God(s). Clearly, they broke all of the commandments in a heartbeat. It’s ironic and strange because to believe and worship and follow the laws, you would think they would not kill people when their God(s) clearly states that they should not. However, their God tells them to kill as well, which contradicts their demand of no killing. See? It’s ironic.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor.

While it is true that you shouldn’t make false accusations or lie, it seems to me that Christians and many other people of different beliefs and people who disbelieve in any Gods lies or makes accusations against another. Christians are accusing us Atheists or other people for the disasters they (these Christians) have caused.

Thou Shalt not steal

However, the idea is moral, but stealing can also be beneficial depending on reason. If I stole documents from the corruptive Organization or the government and provided it to the media or the authority, I could stop disastrous things they planned on doing. Or I can steal food to feed my family when we have no money. However, the bad reason for stealing is profit, power, thrill, or corruption. And that is precisely what many Religious organizations and some politicians are doing.

Thou shall not Commit Adultery

Problem is, everybody has different ideas about love, sex, marriage, and relationships. In fact, some do not care if you slept with one another.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife, house, and possessions.

Actually, that is bad for economy, because you are supposed to covet thy neighbor’s possessions. That is how economy works, that is how you build trade and make profits. Also, people like other countries as well, and love to have some of their things and vice versa. So what is wrong with that? Can I not want what my neighbors have? A nice laptop, or comfy couch? If I see what I want, I want to get it. From stores that is.

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