Friday, April 10, 2009

why i would do not want religion.

This magical sky daddy, the one Christians calls their God, is not worthy of my praise or worship. And i will tell you why.

Your God wants us to own slaves. We don't do that and we should never do that. But we did and that was disgusting. Treating humans like farm equipments? That is precisely why your God is not worthy of my worship. But that does not end there.

He demands that i can treat a woman like a sexual object, that women should also be silenced, women should not have authority or even teach at all. This god is a misogynist jerk.

He demands that i beat a child with a rod. I stone gays, atheists, witches, disobedient children, people working on a sabbath, people luring you to other faiths, and so on. I will not kill anybody just because God doesn't like them. In fact, they do not deserved to be harmed why? Because they are who they are and killing them will not stop it. It's repulsive.

Your God allows natural disasters, sex offenders, viruses, mass murderers, and the likes to take lives without lifting a finger. If he's powerful, but doesn't want to stop it, he's evil. If he isn't powerful and wants to, he is not worthy of worship. If he is powerful and wants to do it, then why didn't he? What is he waiting for? What is the point of waiting?

Now why i don't want religion.

You indoctrinate your children. That means you raped their mind. You took away their right to think for themselves.

Your religion is fraught with heinous violent acts like the crusades, holy war, inquisitions, witch hunts, Holocaust, bombing of the abortion clinics, taking evolution out of schools, and attacking gays and atheists.

Because of religion, there had been slavery, discrimination, violence, lies, fear mongering, deceit, greed, power hungry, and of course indoctrination in children.

Religion has no meaning in my life.

I'm an atheist, and always will be. I'm happy, I'm law abiding, I'm skeptical towards everything, I'm always thinking for myself, and i never want to hurt or violate human rights. That is enough for me. No room for bullshit.

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