Friday, April 3, 2009

list of resons for supporting the death penalty

The world is not all black and white, and the whole vegeance thing? that's bullshit. We're not doing this in hope that it gives comfort, we're doing that so nobody else have to suffer from what they went through.

Also, the reason people commit crimes is not because there is a death penalty, in fact the criminals are committing crimes because they wanted to. The death penalty does reduce the murder rates because a murderer is dead.

There is no perfect system, there is no perfect solution, but the death penalty is better than life in prison. The reason is, is because heinous criminals often do not regret their crime, they are not afraid of prison, and they most certainly confident they'll get out. With death row, they're dead period.

To say there are innocents on death row is true but very little evidence shows innocents on death row. The opponents exaggerates and claims that many more innocents are on death row, but this is bull and they know that. They are simply pulling numbers out of their ass just to fight against the death penalty. They also claim that even DNA evidence isn't 100% effective. Nothing is one hundred percent effective, however, with DNA evidence, Evidences, witnesses, Vouches, and such, increases a greater chance of correctly determine their guilt or innocence.

1) To say executing a murderer is hypocrisy, then police speeding after speeders, incarcerating kidnappers must be hypocrisy. Opponents need to get their logic straight.

2) There are no evidence that released or paroled killers or pedophiles didn’t commit crimes ever again. After being released or paroled, they’ve killed again.

3) There are little or no evidence that innocent people are on death row. To abolish the death penalty because of that risk is to abolish everything in the world. There are always and will be risks in everything we do.

4) There are claims that lethal injections are excruciatingly painful. It is important to know there are involuntary muscle movement and no evidence they really suffered.

5) We’re not sending death row inmates on a pleasure cruise, if they suffered, good.

6) Just because there are botched executions, doesn’t mean we should start pitying the inmate. Execution devices will sometimes be a little faulty.

7) To say there is no deterrence is to remove prisons and courthouses and police stations.

8) A dead murderer or a dead pedophile can’t commit anymore crimes. Deterrence is possible.

9) Imprisonment isn’t perfect because inmates can escape, appeal, be released, kill prison guards and inmates.

10) There are some people who said victims or the families who lost their loved ones don’t want us to kill for them. This kind of protest is insulting because this shows they don’t care about what happens to any other potential victims. If they did, they should not speak too highly of themselves.

11) As for the juvenile death penalty is to be permitted because teenagers are very well capable of murder, rape, and other crimes including molesting young children. To dismiss because of their age is in fact discrimination. Punishment is should fit to the crime not based on age, but of that specific crime.

12) The argument about The discrimination of the death penalty is very weak. It’s all about the crime one individual committed, not the color of their skin, intellect, disability, gender, age, or religion.

13) There is no reason at all to keep pedophiles or murderers alive. They have no feelings for the victims, and the prison does not deter them from that crime. You can capture a wolf, but you can’t make it harmless.

14) The opponents of the death penalty do not understand the meaning of the word punishment. They think it means the inmates should be treated as if in a hotel.

15) The criminal who has mental conditions or is mentally retarded, should not be waivered from severe punishment as those who have a clear state of mind. If both committed a similar heinous crime, they should receive the death penalty. To excuse because they didn’t know what they were doing is inexcusable because they committed the heinous crime.

16) The opponents of the death penalty say that the lethal injections are used by the Nazi. If this is to be the cause, then we should stop breathing because the Nazis themselves breathe.

17) Some of the anti-death penalty person said that he believes that the government is going around obliterating people exterminating people. That there was a psychological terror and a massive human extermination. This sounds a bit more like the Adolf Hitler’s regime in Germany. But the fact is, this is just mass paranoia without tangible piece of evidence.

18) The opponents claims that we are sinking to their level. This is highly false because the murderers and pedophiles violates human rights and killed innocent people. We gave trial, presented proof, and placed them on death row and then proceeded to execution.

19) To say we are murderers because the state executes a murderer is nonsense. If execution makes us a murderer, then going to war, self defense, police shooting the criminals to protect others, and even murderers murdering innocent people makes us all murderers. The opponent’s argument is illogical.

20) They say it is a violation in human rights because it is wrong to take someone’s life. Then if this is to be the case, then it is a violation in human rights to incarcerate criminals which denies them their liberty.

21) The purpose of the execution is to protect innocent lives. If we failed to execute them, then we just killed innocent people.

22) Some opponents claims that the execution won’t bring the victims back. This is not what it is about. It’s about preventing any more deaths of innocent people.

23) Opponents have argued that capital punishment did not stop murderers and pedophiles. Neither has the prison stopped people from stealing or making tax frauds, but you don’t see them abolishing prisons.

24) The opponents argues that it is expensive to execute someone. This is extremely false because the life in prison is a long time and the money goes pretty high as 5 million or more. The death penalty is less than a million.

25) To support the death penalty, you care about the innocents, not the murderers.

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