Friday, April 3, 2009

Why exorcism is bull

The chilling growls, the cuts on their flesh, their violent attitude is frightening, and they speak in languages people didn’t know they could speak, and the comforting truth is… it is all full of crap.
Let me point out the problem here; there is no proof that any demons or the devil ever truly existed.
So why did the Christians or other religious believers believe the demons are out there, possessing us?

Let’s look into the past about the whole demon possession.
People back then did not know what dementia is, nor do they realize what is hallucinations are. They thought the voices in their head were the demon or god.
Another one is that they don’t know what is mental illness is. People who have seizures, people who were blind, deaf, or mute, people who foams at the mouth, people who are just mentally insane are believed to be all possessions of the devil.
Sadly today, most Christians still believe the devil exists and the demons are out to get us.

Religious leaders tells us that we have demons latching onto us like leeches, they tell us that the devil is out there and we must worship God and Jesus Christ to fight against him.

68% of the people in America believe Satan exists and he is out to get us. Satan is a same term for the boogeyman to children. It is just a scare tactic to keep believers from being “sinful.”

How does one know when somebody is possessed? They hear voices that aren’t there, they see things that aren’t there. The mind plays tricks on us, and it plays a mean through trick that lasted for thousands of years, and still going. The negative emotions, the drama, and among other things, living your life is a presumption that you’re possessed by the demon.

But that is not all, sometimes, some will try getting other people’s attention by pretending to be possessed. Why? Because the more they pay attention to them, the better.

As for the unusual things like the animal growls, speaking in different languages, cuts on their body, some claims they levitate or walk on water, and so on.
When I saw a video of the guy speaking about exorcism, he claims that some has levitated or walked on water. He never proved it because he never showed it. Plus we never saw any supernatural thing like levitation or walking on water, it was all talk. You can’t make up stuff and pass it off as true, you need to present credible, verifiable concrete evidence in person. Since there has been no evidence of any actual demon possessions, people who performs the exorcisms are just embarrassing themselves with their delusional belief.

I know that exorcisms are false because the videos I’ve seen shows people only growling and snarling and standing around in front of a priest who just threw a book at them, puts his or her hands on their foreheads and chanting nonsense, putting crosses to their faces, and sprinkling the “Holy” water.

This is how an exorcist performs. He shouts at the possessed, hurts the possessed, claiming that if you hurt the victim you hurt the demons, and he throws water, vinegar, and books at them.

They say exorcism takes years to learn, so it must be difficult to throw books or shout at people.

After I seen several videos, I see no supernatural things occurring, I see nothing more than people growling, Just growling. Exorcism is false, or at least Penn Jillette might say, “Bullshit.”

Allow me to debunk those who claimed that that who spoke in different languages or made animal sounds, it is very easy to make animal sounds. In many movies, the actors who perform in films by making animal sounds were just doing their performance, so were they possessed? No, they were not. When people like Robin William who can do voices, he wasn’t possessed. As for speaking in different languages, anybody can learn to speak a language. Just because you knew the person, doesn’t mean you knew what language they actually knew. Not everybody knew I can speak a little Japanese or French.

Another thing I will debunk, they wanted to blame their troubles or other people’s problems on the devil. For an example, some people will say they think someone they knew was possessed because they went to jail for a crime they did, or that someone they knew were “Not themselves anymore.” Allow me to clear this matter up; everybody is a human being with problems and we have our share of trouble with many other people like authority. Just because someone broke the law or seem to behave differently, doesn’t mean they are possessed. It just means they have problems.

We are all responsible for our own actions, not some imaginary friends. If you claim someone is possessed because they just went to jail, you’re sadly misguided from the fact; they broke the law willingly and perhaps intentionally, there is nothing supernatural about that. Whenever a teen acts out, it is just a rebellious teenage phases, not some demon possession.

If you know someone who drinks alcohol, then they will behave differently because alcohol affects them, making them aggressive and/or abusive, not because demons were possessing them.

In the show Penn and Teller bullshit, they also have this lady who tells little children that their imaginary friends are actually demons and that they needed to be chased out. Penn said that she is the one who needs to be chased out. I agree with him.

Does anyone also notice that most Christians who believe in demon possession actually believed themselves or someone they knew to be actually possessed? Wouldn’t you think that millions of us atheists would be possessed since we are the ones who disbelieve in God and Jesus Christ? If you are smart, you will realize just how Exorcism turns out to be false.

Since many Christians believes Atheists like us are possessed by the devil, one would easily look no further than the homes of all who claims there to be possessions are in Christian homes, not atheist’s homes.

If I am possessed, then why have I not heard anything scary voices of demons or Satan? Why had I not find myself in prison for some crimes I didn’t know I did? I have a job, I write stories, I just sleep, eat, do a bit of work out, and not once did I steal or raped or killed anybody. I never will do that either.
The thing is, Satan is a deceiver and a temptation. I was told if I saw a dollar, I would pick it up because Satan would want me to. This is false because there is no crime in it, nothing illegal about finding money on the ground. Satan is supposed to be evil, like lead me to temptation like rape or murder. But that never happened did it? This is another I just debunked.

There is no devil, no such supernatural phenomenon, only those who believes it believes themselves to be possessed, and all actions are done by our own intention and free will.

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