Friday, April 3, 2009

More on morality: Morality in the bible

Let’s suppose you have a child, and that child talks back to you, disobeys your rules in the house, then the Bible tells you to stone him to death. If you refuse to kill your child, then you decided to defy your lord, your God. In the Bible, it tells us to stone the bride on her father’s doorstep if she is found not to be a virgin. The bible endorses oppression of women, slavery, selling your daughters to sexual slavery, and stoning heretics, adulterers, homosexuals, Sabbath breakers, witches, followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and all other imaginary crimes.

Let’s say you refuse to do any of these things, you probably think these do not apply because it was just the Old Testament and that it’s a Jewish bible. The problem is, the Bible is made by God and by God’s word, you must do as he said as written in the Bible. So why defy him? Because you knew it was wrong and that you knew it was written in ancient times, you admit God is not a perfect being, nor was he an all loving, all merciful, all knowing God. Yet, you still believe in God and that you think God is all loving, all powerful, all knowing God anyway. How can this be? Maybe you want to believe this book was really just a book written by misguided primitive men, not God and that God is not what the Bible says. But the Bible is precisely what made you believe in God in the first place.

You cannot decide for yourself how you want your God to be, that is for your God to decide for himself. Why speak for him? Why pretend the Bible isn’t God’s word?
Some of the Christians still follows the laws of the old testament today, some even believes that Jesus Christ will come to earth to judge the living and the dead.
Why do some Christians ignore what is written in the Bible? Because they believe some still applies and some don’t. Some believes the Bible never contains such horrible passage that today’s society never accepts. Some never even read the Bible, only learned from those who taught them if not their parents, but where did the parents get the idea about God? The Bible.

You cannot pretend the Bible doesn’t contain such atrocity and the violent laws, nor can you pick what you like and neglect the rest. The Bible is suppose to be an inspired word of God, and yet, it doesn’t leave us in awe by its inspiration and brilliant wisdom, it just left us with disgusting tales of Moses leading an army to kill thousands of men and male children and women who slept with men, and raping virgin girls. And another tale about Abraham attempting to kill his son Isaac without hesitation just because God told him to do it, and so on.

Many Christians today still tries to keep their faith alive, but knows things are changing, and that new scientific facts clears up some problems we have today, we no longer own slaves or oppress women or kill atheists and gays. So why keep God? Because they don’t want to part from their imaginary friend. It is time we grow up, it is time we listen to truth.

Why must we pretend the Bible is the perfect word of the creator while we defy the laws God has given us? You can’t have it both ways, and if you think you can, then tell me why you would believe God is perfect and is all loving while ignoring the Bible that speaks of owning slaves and killing heretics? Because it’s all metaphors? Because it doesn’t apply? Because Jesus did away with the Old Testaments?
I can understand that you wanted there to be a God who loves us, who has the power to protect us. I can understand you want to believe there is a place called Heaven.
Jesus did not do away with the old Testaments. Reread the New Testament and you will find that Jesus expects us to follow the Old Testament laws, and Jesus never did say Slavery was wrong or that women deserve equality.

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