Friday, April 3, 2009

The flaws in God’s plan

We are told that God has plans for everybody from the time they’re born to the time they die. If God exists and he does indeed have plans, then there are few flaws in his plan; free will and prayer.

If God exists, then the plans from the bible are all in order. God tells Adam and Eve not to eat the tree of knowledge between good and evil, but he also planned them to disobey them by using the devil and then condemns them. All of these were planned. God also plans the world wide flood then claims he made a mistake after the flood.

He also plans Jesus Christ’s death by crucifixion to save our souls from the “Sin” and yet, he has us condemned from following his plans anyway.

If God truly exists ever, then I being an atheist was his plan. He also plans me to write this book, criticizing God’s plans, the doctrine of Christianity, and criticizing God himself. But if that were true, then I am to be blameless.

Also, the devil is blameless, because God plans people to be possessed by the devil and plans catholic priests to molest our children, he even plans murderers, rapists, and pedophiles to do his bidding and they too are not to blame because this is all God’s plan.

God planned Adolf Hitler to murder millions of Jews, God planned the hijackers to fly the plane into our world trade centers, God plans Christians to murder gays, atheists, Witches, heretics, and so on for centuries.

God plans abortions, and then has us fight against it, plans diseases and we fight against it, and death penalty, gay marriage, and so on were planned, including these who opposed. Do any of these make any sense to you?

The problem with the plan is that we do not have free will. If God doesn’t have a plan, then we are to blame for our free will, which we should, because we alone are responsible for our actions. It should be our free will to decide for our own actions. This makes better sense since all the plans of God contradicts everything and serves no purpose to anybody.

Another flaw in God’s plan is prayer. If God has a plan, then why would he abandon the plan to answer your prayers? If God answers prayers, then the plans are ignored. However, some Christians will say God plans us to pray anyway. Unfortunately, God ignores it and uses the Tsunami to drown the people in Asia pacific and use the Hurricane Katrina to drown devoted Christians and other non-Christians in New Orleans anyway.

If God exists, then the plan in question is unavoidable. We are planned from the start to do God’s bidding without free will of our own, and then condemn us for following his plans. So he made me an atheist, then will condemn me to hell, he plans people to be Gay, then condemns them all, he plans everything a person is then subjects them to be humiliated for their glasses, wearing specific attire, being in wheelchair, being short or tall, and so on. God plans us to be killing people, raping people, molesting people, and so on.

Why would God plan us to commit such repulsive actions and then have us fight against these repulsive actions? Why would God make us support and oppose death penalty, gay marriage, abortion, and so on? Why would God make us be mindless and murderous about certain things like evolution being taught in schools, abortion clinics and gay clubs?

If you think about it as an intelligent person, you will realize that the statement "It is part of God's plan" is one of those meaningless palliatives. When you sit down and think it through using your common sense, the statement makes no sense.

Let me point out that God’s plan is meaningless because if God drowns a child so that we can learn that we should keep watch on our children, then why did it continue? What reason is there for God to plan children’s death by sex offenders? We know it is wrong, but it continues on. It must mean God doesn’t intend to teach us what to understand, he just likes making our lives a living hell.
Why does God plague us with diseases and make us cure it and then plague us with more diseases? Why does God allow children to suffer? God’s entire plan is meaningless.

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