Saturday, April 4, 2009

how i became an atheist

I do not think i can put this all in a order, but I'll do what i can.

I believe the first thing that got me to start questioning Christianity is that Christians tend to speak for God. I have no idea why they want to speak for their God. Couldn't God just speak to all of us? I mean really speak to all of us like we can speak to each other in person. To say God wishes me to tell you this or that you believe God wants us to know this or that. It really makes no sense.

Another that gets to me is the unexplainable hatred for homosexuals. I even asked why gays are hated. All i got was, "It's an abomination" "The bible said so" "God gave gays AIDS" and so on. It makes no sense. I even researched about them and even talked to them. I find nothing wrong with them. How can a God hate someone for loving another whom is of the same sex? It makes no sense.

Another one is the Bible. It is filled with contradictions, it's filled with errors, it's filled with insane stories that warps moral perspective from us today. Nothing about the Bible explains anything and Christians claims it's all metaphors. I can't picture a God going, "Here's my book, read it and believe it. But you can view it in metaphors because i don't want to be frank." but the idea of viewing the Bible as metaphors only confuses it even more. If you take a cookbook and read the recipe, you don't change it to your liking and you don't take out something just because you don't like them.

And another one is manipulation from the Christians. I'm talking abstinence only, and it tells to not have sex, not even use birth control or to even masturbate. nothing about abstinence only made any sense.

and the threats that Christians gives us, "Believe in God or burn in hell!"

no verifiable evidence that any Deity exists.

Spreading fear like the end of the world. it's been assumed the world would end thousands of times through all these years. now some moron has decided to say the year 2012 is the end.

All religion has been copied from each other. How can any be true?

Accusations against atheists, Jews, gays, and so on with no proofs. They basically just make stuff up and they also attack them.

and lastly; war. Inquisition, holy war, holocaust, crusades, attack on gays, abortion, schools for teaching evolution, and so on.

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