Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Insane biblical laws

1) Do not cook a baby goat in its mother's milk.
2) If two men fights and a man's wife reaches for the opponent's balls, the husband should cut off her hands.
3) Do not put an ox and an ass together in the same wagon.
4) Man should not sleep with mankind as with womankind, for it's an abomination.
5) If your child talks back, you should beat with with the rod.
6) sent a rebellious teenager out to the city to stone him to death.
7) If a bride is not found to be a virgin on her wedding day, take her to her father's doorstep and kill her.
8) If your father, your brother, your wife, anybody you know says, "Let us go serve other Gods," You should kill them mercilessly. In fact, destroy the city along with the livestock.
9) A slave whom you shall have, you can buy them from bordering lands around you.
10) It is ok to sell your daughter into slavery.
11) Kill those who works on a sabbath
12) Those who are blind, disabled cannot approach the alter.
13) A man should not approach a woman who is on her period.
14) If a man had sex with a woman who has her period should be sent away from the people.
15) If an ox gores a slave, kill the ox.
16) If a man has sex with an animal, kill them both.
17) It's ok to beat your slave, but cannot kill.
18) Sacrifice unblemished animals to God.
19) Do not worship graven images
20) Don't eat pigs
21) If a woman does not cry rape, it's her fault.
22) Rapist must marry his rape victim.
23) a man who has long hair must be sent to death.
24) Man, slave should all be circumcised.

There are countless of laws, and i believe all speaks for themselves. It's repulsive, it's insane, and most certainly, it has nothing to do with morality or logical reason.

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