Friday, April 3, 2009

Why would God hate?

It is a simple reason; people hate people, so they wanted their God to hate those they hate. For absolutely no reason whatsoever, they wanted to make their prejudice excusable by saying, “God hates Gays.” Or whatever.

In the Bible, it has a lot of hate spoken against gays, non-believers, adulterers, stubborn teenagers, and all others for no apparent reason. It did not say why God hates Gays; it just simply said it was “An abomination.” My question is what is abnormal about homosexuality? It didn’t even explain why We atheists are wrong to disbelieve in God. Also it didn’t explain why children are worth stoning just because they are disobedient.

Children are all disobedient in their teenage years simply because it is a way life is. If teens gets too attached to their parents, they would not survive in the real world. This isn’t to say they shouldn’t love, they should love their parents and treat them with respect. That is if parents are not abusive just because they can’t tolerate their teens being themselves, following their own paths, their own goals. Children are not made to do every little thing their parents’ wishes. This is why it is ridiculous to get angry with your kids for being disobedient.

This is why I cannot understand why we should stone our children. Even though today we don’t stone them, parents still hurts their kids for a little disobedience. Try learning about your teen, try understanding their feeling instead of being childish.
What I saw in the gay community are just friendly people enjoying life just like everybody else. So what is with the hating? As far as I can tell, The Bible is written in ancient times where people could never understand anything like the disabled people, gays, people whom are left-handed, people with mental illness, and so on. Back then, they believed the earth was flat, that the earth was the center of the universe, that everything that happens in nature is by supernatural.

There is no reason to hate something that was written centuries or thousands of years ago. What they say is not worth listening to. Today we realize differently than people centuries before had learned.

Today we knew that mental illness is a cause by nature, back then, we thought it was demon possession, when people are blind or cannot hear, we thought demon possession.
We have advanced modern medicine, they don’t. We knew about science, they do not.
So why did they listen to the bible? Because they believed it was written by God. They believe their God wants them to obey the bible or burn in hell.

Fortunately there are many Christians who ignore things in the bible for better reason. However, since they believe in their God, they pretend the bible is just a metaphor for something else, not meant to be taken seriously.

What bothers is me, if it is just a metaphor, then why did the bible contradict itself? What is a metaphor for all these deaths in the bible? What’s metaphoric about Lot having sex with his daughters? What is metaphoric for drowning infants in the world wide flood just because they were “Wicked?”

As for those who claim that God love, they simply make the claims by confusing their own feelings to their God’s. Surely it is good to see people being open minded and more accepting than these who claims God “Hates” like Fred Phelps, the most repulsive man on the planet, physically and mentally.

The god does not hate nor does he love, because it is a human feeling. Why would an all powerful creator who creates the universe hate?

A creator who can create Earth and make life, does not need to hate or love because there isn’t a reason to. Can an artist hate what he or she has painted? Can a writer condemn their written characters they’ve made? No, because it makes no sense. Also love isn’t important when drawing or writing or whatever, because it is art. Simply just a creation we make for ourselves. If there is a God ever, he would be more like these artists or writers, just simply creating just for himself.

A God who hates is not worth worshipping, and the bible is full of hate. The bible is proof it is written by many men who knew nothing more than what 5 year old children do. Because hate is a human emotion, and their ugly hatred for gays, atheists, adulterers, and disobedient children are childish and sad.

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